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Topic: TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

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    Angry TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

    I realize this is a very poor way to be introducing myself to the forum, but I thought I should stop ghosting and warn others about this.

    TEAC is refusing to register my copy of GS3. I attempted to register via the website. I got a response saying that my CD-Key was invalid, and to send the "registration.txt" file (with instructions on where to find it).

    In dealing with the customer service via email, I have now sent this file twice. The first time I was told "The CD Key is not a valid number. Please check your information again and re-send." The second time I was only given the instructions on how to find the file again. I've sent the file on it's own and with a picture of the CD Key (to prove that it's valid). Both times my efforts have been summarily rejected. I followed the last rejection by asking them what I could supply to prove that it was valid so that they could manually register me (they've refused to thus far). The response I received was the canned "please send the registration.txt file."

    I can not believe the gall of this company to sell me a product and then tell me that I can't register it. All I'm able to get via email is a parroted response of "send this file" (which I've sent it multiple times already). I am not someone who gets upset easily or likes to make a fuss, so that should be an indicator of just how poorly their treatment of this problem has been.

    I am extremely dissatisfied.


    P.S. I posted this in the GS forum too, and I know double-posting isn't very cricket. This forum sees a more activity though, and would therefore be more useful in warning others about the issues I've had with them. All apologies.

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    Re: TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

    Hi, I have bought an educational version of Giga3, and I had a problem with my serial as well, but I have to say I emailed them and got a great support inmediately (1-2 days answer). I emailed here : CustSer@teac.com

    There are anyway two different serial numbers: educational versions and normal versions, with very similar but different kind of serial numbers and different registration pages. I did not noticed it when I entered the 1st time, and I kept receiving the "auto email", probably like yours. I am just telling it that in case you have one of those and you have entered it in the wrong place...

    I hope it will be solved soon

    All the best,


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    Re: TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

    CALL Tascam, and they will fix your problem in 5 minutes.

    Technical Support or Registration
    (323) 727 -7617 phone
    (323) 727 - 7632 fax
    Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
    U.S. Pacific Standard Time

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    Re: TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

    Why is calling Tascam so much more effective than mailing Tascam? Are they perhaps intimidated by hearing someone's voice en therefor more willingly to co-operate? Is the person responsible for answering the mails less competent than the person answering the phone?
    Long distance/overseas calls are expensive and intimidating for those who don't speak English as a first language. I tried to mail Tascam also (about upgrading from 2.5 to 3.0) but received no help. Tascam should get their E-mail act together.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

    Mark_Knecht replied to my post in the GS forum and let me know of an issue he had where the CD Key was printed too low on the label and it was impossible to tell that the 'O' was actually a 'Q'. This ended up being the exact same issue I had. As I sent them pictures twice, I don't know why the professional support couldn't point this out (I was explicitly told it was a '0' at one point), but I'm greatful for a solid user forum.

    As someone who's at work during the day, I don't normally have the time to phone companies up with issues like this (and I generally don't like my employer paying for my personal calls). E-mail is a perfect solution (especially since I can check mine remotely), and it's sad that I can't get support for software electronically.

    Thank you all for your help. I'll keep the phone number (and the forum ) in mind for (hopefully nonexistant) future issues.


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    Re: TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

    That O / Q / 0 thing is a pretty sharp observation.

    The trick for my registration was it was an upgrade from GS2, so I had to use Tascam's website to convert my upgrade key to an actual registration key.
    Some experts learn more and more about less and less, until at last they know everything there is about nothing at all.

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    Re: TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexcremers
    Why is calling Tascam so much more effective than mailing Tascam? ... Tascam should get their E-mail act together.
    I agree Tascam should improve their email responsiveness.

    Unfortunately, I have seen this situation with a number of different companies (not just music companies). The problem (my opinion) seems to be that some companies do not set up proper control of email, which should include some type of autmated logging/problem ticket creation, so emails don't just sit around or get deleted.

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    Re: TEAC refusing to register Gigastudio3

    I too recently registered GS3 and the beginning prefix was a drop down menu that did NOT have my beginning prefix numbers listed.....I was also told by other members to CALL not to bother with email ....Another thing to remember (which I was told by Tascam) is the fact that there on no "O's " in Gigaland, only Zero's ....Since there are numbers mixed with letters, this would also be an easy mistake ....By all means CALL don't Email ....It sure saved me a lot of confusion .....Jim

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