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Topic: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

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    R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    Tin Whistle v1.0 GS2.5
    - Fully chromatic Sustains (/w vibrato modelling)
    - Sustains EXP patch
    - Staccatos
    - Fluttertongue & Trills


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    Re: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    Hi Herman,

    My you have been busy. Thanks for these sounds.

    I really enjoy waking up every morning and wondering what new DL will be available for me. Kinda like Xmas all over again ;-)

    Ben H

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    Re: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    Yeah, I had this on the shelf as well. I didn't look at it for months and decided I could put it online.
    Any feedback guys?

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    Re: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    Herman, thank you for this offering. I appreciate the lack of vibrato - it's easy to add one way or another, but impossible to remove...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    Wow- this is just GREAT stuff! Thanks!!

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    Re: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    Wow, that rocks. Hey, what strings are being used in the demo?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    Thanks for all the comments!

    The strings are GOS. For the owners of GOS: 1st violins, 2nd violins & Violas Grand Detache.

    I'll ask Alan about a Kontakt version.

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    Re: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    I've fixed the version error problem with the Tin Whistle. I saved the files as 2.5, but somehow the Giga Editor refused to convert the 24 bit samples to 16 bit.


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    Re: R.A.W.Tin Whistle

    Thanks so much for sharing Herman!!!

    The demos are awesome! I really look forward to downloading these samples and giving them a go.

    If you need extra bandwith and space, just let us know as i'm sure many people of these forums would be more than happy to let you use some of our bandwidth and space to help out. I also hope that people will be happy to put a few dollars into your paypal account, that is if they do use the samples for something other than personal use.

    I really look forward to your future efforts. And keep in mind that the free G-Town sample stomps have been used by Danny Elfman . So you never know who might use them .

    Keep up the great work! We really appericate what you are doing.

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