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Topic: GS3 upgrade / optimization

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    GS3 upgrade / optimization


    My studio is looking into upgrading from GS2 160 to GS3. We're really Mac people, but we keep one PC in each studio solely for the purpose of running GigaStudio. I have a few questions about compatibility and optimization of my system.

    We use GS's features minimally; basically we use the way one would use a standard sampler. We don't use the other features such as sequencing, reverbs, GSEdit, etc. etc. ProTools is the heart of our system, we use GS only for its high-quality sampling abilities.

    GS2 has been fine for our purposes so far, but recently we've had a problem because we have too many samples and it seems like it can't load them all. When I have all three of our GigaSampler drives mounted, GS2 doesn't launch properly. It always tries to rebuild the QuickSound database, which eventually locks up the machine. My understanding is, with GS3 you are only limited by your computer's power so we would like to expand our systems to accommodate the massive amount of samples we've accumulated.

    Currently, our PC's have the following spec...

    Windows XP
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 2

    Intel Pentium 4
    CPU 1.90 GHz
    1.91 GHz, 512 MB RAM

    I am assuming we will need some more RAM in there. How much RAM is recommended for GS3? Currently we have about 350 GB of samples, but as I said I can't launch GS2 with all of the drives mounted. My goal is to compile the samples from an 80GB drive and a 200 GB drive and put them along with my 250 GB drive onto one of these...


    Our goal is to have a GS setup which is fast and reliable, will be able to handle at least 400 GB of samples and won't cost us an arm and a leg. We want to optimize the systems as much as possible, but we're hoping it won't involve buying new computers. Any recommendations on RAM, drives, processor upgrades, system upgrades, etc. etc. is very much appreciated.

    I also want to make sure we aren't neglecting any factors. I would hate to put in the drive and upgrade to GS3 only to find out one or the other is not compatible with something else in our system. We had to upgrade to Windows Service Pack 2 when we installed the 200 GB drive because apparently the old Service Pack wouldn't let you install a drive over a certain size (which struck us as totally ridiculous). I just want to make sure we don't run into something like that again.


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    Re: GS3 upgrade / optimization

    There have been several threads about this in the past here at NS, but just to take a quick stab at some recommendations:

    - No more than 2 GB of ram. 32-bit Windows PCs can't do much of anything useful with more than that.
    - Consider getting a second PC. One running GS3, and the other running your GS2 license.
    - On a GS2 machine w/ WinXP, try using Matthias Henningson's RAM tweak at http://henningson.triona.se/musikban...udio/index.htm
    - Be as strategic as you can about which samples go on which drives, with regard to how often given sets of samples are loaded together.

    Good luck!
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