Fred Moyer asked me to help find someone to help him with two orchestral scores. He writes:

I am performing two pieces with an orchestra in Boston on April 3, and would like to practice with a recording of the orchestra part. I often do this with Music Minus One recordings, but with these seldom-played pieces, Music Minus One does not have recordings of them. So I would like to use midi versions, if I can find someone able and willing to play the parts in.

The pieces in question are:
Clara Schumann Concerto in A minor, Op. 7
Robert Schumann Introduction and Allegro, Op. 92

I need them by mid-February.

I propose that for each piece, I send the person a CD of a performance that I like. The person will import the CD into a program like Digital Performer and use the CD as the basis for all tempos, ritards, etc.

I need all parts played in except the piano part. Whoever does this will have to be quite well acquainted with the romantic style as these are both dramatic pieces with lots of rubato.

Of course I am ready to pay for this."

Whoever might be interested in helping with one or both pieces please post here, private message or email me at gary@ and I will pass the message to Fred.


Gary Garritan