...or any crossfades really....

(Side question - what's a 'layer' control source?)

I'm using the editor that came with GSt3 Orchestra and trying to understand the crossfade values I see when editing a new gig. So far they are not working and while I've been looking at the manual there is precious little in there on really editing.

Here's what I've done so far:

1) New gig with two mono samples in it.
2) Drag sample 1 onto the keyboard and set the region. I now see the same name in the velocity split box.

At this point the gig plays the one sample over all velocities and modwheel values.

3) In the upper left o fhte 8 small dimension boxes (right term?) I choose 'Click to Assign', tell it to add a split and choose modwheel from the list of sources. I say OK and the box has two smaller boxes left and right with a split at 64.

4) There is no sample assigned to the right hand box so I drag sample 2 into that box.

Save and load it into GSt3 and I now hear sample 1 at modwheel levels below 64 and sample 2 at modwheel levels above 64. So far so good.

Now - here's where I don't get the results I want.

5) On the far right are editable values with 4 names of interest:

Crossfade in start
Crossfade in finish
Crossfade out start
Crossfade out finish

In the dimension box I click on the left side sample 1 and set its crossfade values to (0,0,32,96) meaning to me 'start at 0, go up to 32, and then fade out by 96)'.

In the dimension box I click on the right side sample 2 and set its crossfade values to (32,96,127,127) meaning to me 'start fading in at 32 and be fully faded in by 96 and then stay at full volume to 127'.

Of course this doesn't work. It just plays sample 1 below the split of 64 shown in the dimension box and plays sample 2 above the split. The crossfade values do nothing.


Is there some other value that has to be enable to get these values to be meaningful?

Or is this completely the wrong way to do this.

Back to my side question. In the control sources for splits there is something called 'layer'. What is that?

Thanks in advance,