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Topic: "Deep Under The Water"--A Nobuo Uematsu arrangement

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    "Deep Under The Water"--A Nobuo Uematsu arrangement

    Deep Under The Water, by Nobuo Uematsu

    This is an arrangement I did of a piece from Final Fantasy 3 for the NES, which has never been released in the US. (Not the same game as FF3 for SNES, which is actually FF6 in Japan.) I think it is one of the most beautiful things Nobuo Uematsu has ever written, despite it being among his earlier works. I took the simple NES melody and orchestrated it for strings and woodwinds, adding my own intro, interlude, and ending cadence. It's 100% GPO (and Digital Performer).

    For comparison, here is the original NES melody.

    I would like to include this piece on a CD that I plan to give to Mr. Uematsu by hand when I meet him at the Final Fantasy concert in Chicago next month. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have about the orchestration, the mix, or anything else. As for the mix--does it sound pleasant? Does it hurt your ears? Does it contain any obvious mistakes? Anything else that your ears catch that mine missed? Thanks a bunch, and enjoy.


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    Re: "Deep Under The Water"--A Nobuo Uematsu arrangement

    lontas - Where have ya been?!

    Anyway, from what I can hear on these crummy laptop speakers from the hotel, it sounds very good. I'll have to get back to you on a thorough critique when I get home.

    Sounds excellent from here though (especially the winds.)

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    Re: "Deep Under The Water"--A Nobuo Uematsu arrangement

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    lontas - Where have ya been?!
    Well, my computer is so slow, it has taken this long for it to render the piece to audio! Just kidding. Actually, I've been eaten alive by school, and only just now recovered from that--just in time for.... more school! D'oh!

    Thanks neo, I like your work too. I've been real quiet around here lately for the aforementioned reason, but hopefully not anymore. I've learned so much from this forum, I gotta start commenting on more stuff.

    Seriously, I'm quite impressed that GPO handles this well on a dual 450MHz G4 with 640 megs of RAM.

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