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Topic: KS Combo in GPO

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    KS Combo in GPO

    When I load KS Combo for BAsses, E1 and A1 are suppose to triiger the samples but it doesn't seem to work.

    I'm using the VST version on XP machine sitting inside of Forte.

    I've tried hitting all the E A keys outside of the range of playable notes but no key switchig happening.

    Anyone else?

    Slightly different comment is that, I find it a bit strange that the KS combo wouldn't include short and sus bows along with the pizz,trills, trem.

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    Re: KS Combo in GPO

    The Double Bass is missing one articulation in the keyswitches since there's not a patch in GPO to derive the keyswitch instrument from (I think.) I can't remember if it is the trills or the tremolo. Sorry for my ignorance, but its one or the other. That's why those keys aren't there. There shouldn't be as many keys lit up for keyswitching on the Kontakt Player if you noticed.

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    Re: KS Combo in GPO

    Just checked and its the trills articulations that are missing. That would explain the missing keyswitches I think. This would affect the keys G#1 and A1.

    Oh, and the E1 keyswitch is for downbows which if you listen will sound differently than D#1 (upbows). That may be why at first listen you think the articulation isn't changing.

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    Re: KS Combo in GPO

    OK. I see what happened. I kept wondering why my AU plug had such a different selecti0on than my VSTi plug on my XP machine.

    My VSTi was still at 1.0 and the AU had the library update.

    Now the KS combos make a bit more sense.

    The basses could use that Pizz as part of the KS though...

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    Re: KS Combo in GPO


    The basses do have pizz as part of the KS instrument. The KS for pizz is "F." As Joseph said, the only things missing are the trills.


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    Thumbs up Re: KS Combo in GPO

    Oops. Sorry. I misread.

    Cool! Thanks for the replies guys. Thanks for the clues dudes.

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