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Topic: Installing instruments

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    Installing instruments

    This may sound like an easy question, but I have been back and forth in the manual and help files, and can't seem to find the answer.....I 'm new to Giga and have seen many things written about LOADING instruments, but nothing about installing them ....The manuals states that you can always install instruments at a later time ....What is the correct proceedure for installing instruments ( samples ) ??? after Giga is already set up and running ?.... I'm not talking about loading them to play after they are already inside the computer, I'm talking about installing them so they can be loaded when you need them ....Do you just put the sample disc in and Giga will tell you what to do ?.....Thanks .....Jim

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    Re: Installing instruments

    Create a folder on your PC and drag/drop the Giga instrument file from the disc into the folder.
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    Re: Installing instruments

    As DanS says, it's very easy. It is simply copying them to a place on your computer. The 'Quicksound' scanning then finds them and reads them to show you the instruments and file names for loading.

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    Re: Installing instruments

    Everything everyone has said is true. Hilight the samples that you want to copy from your sample cd and drag/drop them onto a new folder on your sample drive.
    This is what I do: Before I even do any copying, I create a set of new folders on my sample drive. I name each folder so I can better keep trsck of what I'm putting where. (Post Pianos, VSL Strings, Westgate Winds, etc.) Then I copy the files from the sample CD's and paste them in the named folders.
    The quicksoud database within Giga will find all the instruments.

    PS did you download the 3.04 update?


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    Re: Installing instruments

    Thanks guys....I appreciate the info.....I don't know why that's not listed in the manual ....The only thing it says in the manual is that instruments can be installed at a later time ... Thank GOD for this forum !!.....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Installing instruments

    Hope things are calming down for you ....No , I haven't downloaded the newer version yet .....I will do that today ....I did FINALLY get the registration staightened out at Tascam, and I thought they would be telling me to do the newer version update, and I actually forgot all about it ...Thanks for the heads up, and also thanks for the information and all your help ...It's really appreciated....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Installing instruments

    After looking inside the folders on the GS3 DVD's , I see that there are instrument files, and there are also PDF files, and Performance files, and also Project files....There are also GigaPulse files on some instruments.....I understand that the instrument files have to be filed in one folder, and after seeing what Tascam did originally during the application install, I'm asumming that I should also put the GigaPulse files in a different folder correct ?....Where should I put the Performance, and the Project files and the PDF files , or should I just lump them into a folder from the company whose instruments I have loaded ? .....For example should I just put these reamaining items altogether and put then in a "Sonic Implants" folder for example, and just leave it on my Sample drive ???....Thanks again ...Jim

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    Re: Installing instruments

    Not sure about the Gigapulse files. The instrument is already encoded with it, and will use Gigapulse automatically when you load the instrument into GS3. I copied the PDF's onto my PC, read them, then deleted them.

    Like Kleven, my Giga folder is structured in one main folder, then split up into different instrument folders. Whenever I get a new library, I copy it into the appropriate location.
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    Re: Installing instruments

    You certainly don't have to copy the PDF files. My guess is those are the ads that you see when you're doing the orginal Giga install. Copy the performance and project files to the same folders that you copied the instruments to. Don't worry to much about this. If you have the instruments on your sample drive in the correct folders, you have the raw materials you need to start making some music.
    The next thing you should do is load the files you copied into your own GSP file.


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