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Topic: Anybody have success building an imidi legato inst.?

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    Anybody have success building an imidi legato inst.?

    Has anybody tried setting up a 32 smart midi legato instrument? Did all the intervals including default, alternate and release work properly? If anybody was successful can you provide a walk through as to what was done to create such an instrument.


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    Re: Anybody have success building an imidi legato inst.?

    Yes, I have done it, although not entirely from scratch. Just as an experiment I took apart one of the VSL legato patches (the 2nd flute forte grace notes, I think it was) and rebuilt it to work with iMIDI. It sort of works. The only problem is that after playing it for a while the computer invariably crashes. My computer is otherwise stable when running GS3.

    As to how to set it up, take a look at the chart in the manual in the iMIDI chapter under legato mode. That tells you what order the dimensions have to be in. You set up an instrument in the editor with 32 dimensions. You select iMIDI as the dimension control source. Then, of course, you have to assign the waves to the right keygroups and dimensions. When you load the instrument into GS3 you have to select iMIDI legato mode (right click on the instrument in the loaded instrument window). There is also some way of embedding this into the instrument file itself (so that iMIDI is set up automatically when you load the instrument), but I cannot remember how.

    I would be interested to know whether anyone else has experienced crashing problems with self-built iMIDI instruments. The iMIDI legato instruments in VGS work OK, but they are only very small demo patches (limited to only an octave or so in range). I wonder if anyone can make a full range iMIDI legato instrument that really works.

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