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Topic: Need some advice.

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    Need some advice.

    I'm still pondering over a potential new DAW... and have some rather stupid questions..

    I currently run a MOTU HD192, in my aging P4 rig.

    I'm torn between a single dual cpu setup, or 2 (or more) pc's to run various apps such as Gigastudio, etc..

    If I built 2 seperate machines and only ran gigastudio via rewire or FX-Giga / Teleport to the other machine which hosts the DAW, would I need a audio card in each? Could I get away with the MOTU just on the DAW system?

    If not what could you recommend as a card to run just Gigastudio, and have it feed into the DAW...

    Thanks Az

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    Re: Need some advice.

    FX-Giga / Teleport can be used without a sound card.

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