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Topic: Difference between Cubasis 4.0VST and Cubase SX?

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    Difference between Cubasis 4.0VST and Cubase SX?


    You (or at least MOST of you) have way more experience with the various sequencers available. I'm currently using the Cubasis that came with GPO, and it has some good features. But I've seen references to Cubase SX, and wonder what advantages that software has over Cubasis...

    Can you use more than 3-4 VST instruments in Cubase? That seems to be a limit with Cubasis.

    Any other advantages?

    Mark McDowell

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    Re: Difference between Cubasis 4.0VST and Cubase SX?

    I dont use Cubasis and never have, so I can't tell you blow for blow - if you ring Steinberg tech support they will go over the differences for you on the phone (UK).
    What I can say is that I have been with Cubase since Vst3 days and SX2 is a HUGE leap forward. It's a flexible and sophisticated masterplan for any studio.
    Sx3 is now out and if I did not have a sequencer as fine as SX2 then I would buy this no worries.
    If there is a flaw, I would say that IMO the Scoring windows in SX are outdated by todays standard. They are mostly unchanged since the year dot (VST Score). Its time to improve them Steiny.
    Note input is clunky and fiddly, thre is no way to save phrases in a library, and copying and selecting stuff can be fiddly - the manual for score is 350 pages.

    But that said, the score features are very (very) powerful and could easily manage a score for Pavorotti in the Park with accompanying choir and strings.
    Its no use having a powerful sequencer if you cant use it. So be prepared for a learning curve. There are two manuals for the actual seqeuncer. The 'Getting Started booklet' and the 'Operations manual' PDF. That's another 1000 pages or so. You will have to spend several evenings studying with them - but its well worth it if you want ot harness the power of a modern studio.

    In SX2/3 you get to hear the playback through a high quality sequencer, fully up to becoming the heart of your studio. As your music studio increases there are going to be many benefits to going the whole hog and getting the best sequencer.
    In SX3 I heard, some of the score markings like crescendo / hair pins (I guess), do actually deliver an increase in volume. Most pros go for Sibelius, possibly Finale, eventually, for scoring that is, but SX score will certainly be a trusty substitute.
    The ability of SX2/3 to freeze tracks is important when working with large orchestras, because what this does is free up ram for other duties.
    One last thing, steinberg are well known for bringing out software that is riddled with bugs in the first version - you probably heard this already - then updating them once their customers moan (several times). I understand from a friend that knows Cubase as well as any man living, that it is now stable after two update downloads.

    I shall be hopefully be buying the upgrade soon as I get over the Xmas spree budget.

    Hope this helps
    Core i7 920, Win 7 RC 64, Cubase 5 64, Omnisphere, Trilogy, RMX, EWQLSO Plat EW Choirs, GPO, Stradivari, Gofrilla, Absynth 4, Halion 3, Kontakt3, BFD2, VSL Strings, JBridge running all 32 bit apps well.

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    Re: Difference between Cubasis 4.0VST and Cubase SX?

    That was a good summary!

    In answer to your specific question about the no of VST instruments, then Cubasis is deliberately restricted. I'm not sure of the exact number you can run in SX, but it claims 'unlimited number of VST channels and groups'. You are more likely to run into CPU/RAM problems than hit any artificial limit.

    Check out the Cubase.net forums for the literally thousands of bug reports and complaints and problems with SX2 before splashing out the money [if they haven't cleaned out the forum which they do from time to time]. The most popular sequencer among users on this GPO forum is Sonar (there was a poll a little while back) and you should consider this seriously perhaps trying out the downloadable demo first. I don't think you will have too many learning problems with Sonar as Cubasis is based on the Cubase VST series, but Cubase SX is (can I say this without getting flamed?) just Nuendo repackaged, so is quite different anyway.

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    Re: Difference between Cubasis 4.0VST and Cubase SX?

    I appreciate the information, everyone. I am inclined, at this point, to go with Cubase SX3, as I found a upgrade/crossgrade from Sibelius, which I already have.

    I wouldn't be using Cubase for scoring, but for midi manipulation and realization of scores. I have looked at Sonar, and it sounds good, but am unsure which Sonar 4 version most closely matches Cubase SX3 in features, etc.

    I haven't found a reduced price for Sonar yet, either, which puts Producer out of my range. SX3 "may" be in my price range with the upgrade pricing...

    And THATS only if I don't buy GPO's Jazz and/or Advanced versions that will be out shortly. Man, oh man... what do I do???? :S

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