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Topic: A Petition please readeadeedeedee!

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    A Petition please read!

    There is a petition going around for you to sign. It is for Gary to give back the Orphan his Stradivari Solo Violin after the NAMM show. Please sign the petition ASAP so I can get this Orphan to stop trying to play the tuba!
    Orphan Violin indeed!
    To the Bat Cave Rubin!
    Ah, Boss ... That's "Robin".
    Nope, I think I'm going out for lunch and have me a Rubin!

    You know, I think I need to travel somewhere far from this place. This school is starting to strip me of what little sanity I have left. .... or right, left right left.

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    Re: A Petition please readeadeedeedee!

    I just don't know what to say..... I could have sworn I sent your meds UPS OVERNIGHT!!


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