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Topic: Project Sam - Free Timpani?

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    Project Sam - Free Timpani?

    Hi folks,

    I had my hard drive fail and I lost some of the free samples I collected from the web.

    I checked the ProjectSam site to see if they were still there - but I can't find the timpani or the trumpets.....the flute is still there though.

    Has it gone forever? It was really useful to have.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers Tom

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    Re: Project Sam - Free Timpani?

    I think they removed it, which makes sense, as they have the commercial trumpets and the True Strike Percussion library now.

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    Re: Project Sam - Free Timpani?

    Tom, you might try sending an E-mail to Maarten. Since it was a "freebie"... he might be able to get it for you once again. Good luck, Gary

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    Re: Project Sam - Free Timpani?

    Ahh Ok - that does make sense I suppose. Although they do mention in the download section that we should be 'on the lookout' for new Timpani freebies....

    I think I'll fire off an email if I can't find them on a CD - which isn't very likely, could be anywhere......

    Cheers Tom

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    Re: Project Sam - Free Timpani?

    Hi Tom,

    I have timpanies you're looking for, (and tumpets too,recently, because I had the same problem, and somebody on NS kindly share them ). Then, if you have a FTP, let me know...


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    Smile Re: Project Sam - Free Timpani?

    Soon they'll do a flute lib and then even the flute fx will disappear...
    I got all of the free stuff to, so let me know...

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    Re: Project Sam - Free Timpani?

    Thanks for the offer guys.

    I haven't emailed Maarten yet - but if thats not successful I'll be in touch. Very kind of you.

    I have no FTP though.

    Cheers Tom

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