Hey Eric,

First of all, I think RMX is absolutely incredible. No regrets whatsoever.

BUT, I have found the same hung note problem with RMX that all the newer NI instruments have when using them with Logic 5.5 on a PC. I also see this problem on demo versions of Arturia stuff and Sonic Synth.

I use to just rail on NI for this bug, but I'm realizing now that it's becoming so prevalent that it must be some bit of code that just has to be there for the newer instruments. I'm saving up money for a Mac so I won't be posting these rants any more.

I actually emailed you about this bug months before RMX was released and recieved assurance that it would be thoroughly tested with all platforms and would work with Logic 5.5 - which it does. Just not as well as I'd hoped. I'm sure theres a good reason for this "bug". I was thinking that of all people, you might be able to shed light on why this happens and what the culprit is.

Again, RMX is amazingly cool. Don't take this as a gripe. Just wondering if you had any answers about this bug.