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Topic: Which Pentium 4?

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    Which Pentium 4?

    Sorry If I ask again the same thing...after one week of suggestions and articles to decide between an AMD 64 and a P4, at first I decided to go AMD, but after receiving an answer from the ECHO tech support (I use the ECHO MIA), which informed me officially about the incompatibility between MIA and some AMD motherboards' chipset,to avoid problems, I've decided to buy a P4).
    But now there is another problem
    Which P4 should I buy? I've read that the skt478 northwood are better as the Prescott have problems of overheating, but on the other hand the new skt775 are the future and more upgradable...so, what should I buy?
    I only want a stable and powerful pc.
    The 2 options I have to choose from are:

    2) CPU INTEL P4 PRESCOT 3.0 GHz (or 3.2...worth it or it may have more problems of overheating?),775PIN,FSB 800MHz,1MB CACHE + MOTHERBOARD ABIT-AS8-3RDEYE
    To cool the microprocessor (and expecially the Prescott) is it a good choice not to use the cooler in the box, but use another, for example the ZALMAN CNPS7700-ALCU?
    Thank you very much for your suggestions!

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    Re: Which Pentium 4?

    The chipset to avoid with your MIA is the Via K8T800 Pro. The nForce3 and nForce4 boards should be okay.

    Regarding the future path of the 775, it's not so rosy. Intel will soon move to dual core chips, and the current 915 and 925 chipsets will not support dual core.

    AMD has a better upgrade story: the current 939 sockets will support AMD's future dual core chips.

    I'd either go with the 478 for lower cost, or with the A64 on the MSI Ultra Neo2 Platinum. In either case the Zalman heatsink is a nice, quiet solution.


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    Re: Which Pentium 4?

    Unfortunately my hardware supplier doesn't have AMD 64 motherboards but the ones with chipset Via K8T800 Pro, so I have to move to P4.
    Do you think I could buy the Northwood 478 even if its FSB is low?
    What would you choose, not considering the different cost?
    Thank you!

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    Re: Which Pentium 4?

    Why not try another supplier?

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    Re: Which Pentium 4?

    The tests that I've read show that the faster FSB has little impact on performance.

    Check out this thread to compare processors...



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    Re: Which Pentium 4?

    Thank you Jon, it was useful. Bill, I don't change my supplier as I have a great discount with him
    I still don't have a clear idea of what to do. I want a powerful and stable system to run many VSTi (in particular EWQLSO Gold). I'll mount 2Gb Ram 400 and 2 hard-drives, so I think in both of my choices I'll have a good pc for what I have to do...or not?
    As I want to avoid problems of any kind, I think I'll buy the Northwood, even if less powerful than Prescott, but, according to what I've read, more stable and more overclockable.
    In the end (tomorrow I'll order the components), do you think is a good choice?
    Thank you again!

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    Re: Which Pentium 4?

    Neither choice is bad.


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