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Topic: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

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    Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    Just saw this at KVR, thought I'd relay the link here.


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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    RAM purge sounds promising and the upgrade price is definitely in the ballpark. I'm wondering about the convolution effects built in. Hopefully it won't be as hungry as GP.

    Dual processor support for you MAC guys as well. Sounds awesome.

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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    Yeah! I do like the "Ram Purge" idea. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    All this new stuff...

    I'm going to have to sell my body. (that's a nickle, where do I get the rest from?)

    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME - this and Cubase SX 3 upgrade and there goes my overtime check...
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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    RAM purge and scripting sound interesting. Free upgrade for me. :-)

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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    A nickle? I get more than that to keep mine covered. LOL

    I'm with ya Link. All my extra money is committed for the next year or so.

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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    Dual processor support for you MAC guys as well. Sounds awesome.
    I have a G4 1GHz Dual, and finally !
    Dual processor support !
    Hope it supports OS10.2.8 too, and not only 10.3.
    And also hope that Kontakt 2 will be able to load EWQLSO Gold
    and Storm Drums.

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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    Nice. Hopefully they'll FINALLY fix the dreaded DXi tempo bug...

    And Cakewalk is showcasing a Sonar x64 preview - imagine having a TERRABYTE of RAM to run your favorite orchestral samples!!! (drooling)

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    Re: Kontakt 2.0 announced...

    Looks a lot like the GS3 feature list

    MIDI Program Change at last!

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