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Topic: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

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    Smile "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    Well. . . After many, many hours of writing and many, many hours of recording, I finally finished a piece that I wish was finished before the 2004 Holidays. But it's done now! FINALLY!!!

    It's an exercise in "Modern Composition" and "learn as you go" orchestration. It's been a very LOOOOOOOOOONG while since I written anything semi-serious like this. I must say, though, that I'm happy with the results despite the time and effort it took me to write this piece. Why did it take so long??? Atrophy!! I was exercising compositional muscles that haven't been used in a long while! And like every other muscle in my body, atrophied muscles are tough to stretch and pull and regain tone. And because I know the work involved in strengthing atropied muscles, I tend to avoid it!

    Oh well. . .

    The title of the piece is Common Conversations #1. The theme of this piece haunted me for a long time before I wrote it down. The melody came first for this number. I'm sure that similar melodies can be found in other works. That's o.k. with me. My goal was to "color" the melodic theme to make it "different" using arranging skills, orchestrational skills and compositional skills. . . all of which were atrophied!! YIKES!

    Here's an mp3 file link:

    Common Conversations #1

    At this point, I want to publically thank Gary Garritan for creating such a wonderful tool. This is 100% GPO used with Steinberg's SX 3.01. Working on this was sheer joy for me!



    Ted Fiebke, RN

    P. S. Although I've taken all sorts of composition and arranging classes, I've never studied orchestration. That's my next step as I excercise these musical muscles. . .ouch!
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    I've added two different audio file formats to reach a larger audience. Please let me know if you have problems hearing any of the files:

    RealAudio File

    Windows Media Player

    Warmest regard,

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Thumbs up Re: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    Wow, this is a nice piece of hard work, very colorful and uplifting. It brings me to a nice sunny afternoon say at an outdoor party. Kind of playful, free with no conservative restrictions. Takes you away from the stress and reality of the common everyday repetitive dull drum. Like, a weekend or on a holiday someplace new with good friends, good food, and lots of conversation! I like this very much. Nice, extremely nice indeed!

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    Re: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    Hi Ted

    Your enthusiasm really does shine through in this piece. Wow, jolly fantastic!

    Kind Regards


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    Re: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    Quote Originally Posted by LouisD
    Hi Ted

    Your enthusiasm really does shine through in this piece. Wow, jolly fantastic!

    Kind Regards

    Certainly works as a 'feel good' piece. Well done!

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    Re: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    Very nice indeed. Thank you for sharing.

    Best regards

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    Smile Re: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    Thank you so much for taking the time for the listen. And thank you so much for the warm comments. Like I said, I'm working on old skills learned a long time ago. I just don't want to loss them, especially the compositional and arranging skills. I have my sites on learning proper orchestration. Of course the GPO is a fine tool for this!

    I've listened to a number of your works here as a "lurker". My gosh, there's some talented people here! I've been visiting this bulletin board more frequently. I'm learning a lot and enjoying the wonderful works shared here.

    Just a brief introduction. I'm an full-time ICU/CCU nurse. Additionally, my wife and I own a small production company where we produce musical-comedy live shows and albums for nurses and healthcare professionals. I'm also an organist (keyboardist, actually) and choir director for a lovely church for 20+ years. No children. But a keen interest in music and video. And a strong desire to tap into old compositional interests that have atrophied for many years.

    The atmosphere here seems very supportive. I do tend to do more lurking than posting. Looking forward to participating in a live chat in the near future. . . if I can ever get the chat times right (and when I'm not busy at work)!

    If you ever have any nursing/medical related questions, don't be afraid to PM or email me. I love my nursing and, of course, hold a keen interest in healthcare matters. I especially LOVE melding the music and healthcare interests together! I'm approachable.

    With warm regards and deep respect,

    Ted Fiebke, RN
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    Charming! Very original and delightful use of instruments, and the musical interest was sustained all the way through. This made me think of Bach's unusual use of instruments in some of the Brandenburgs. I'd say your compositional muscles are still in pretty good shape!

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    Re: "Common Conversations #1" - First piece using GPO!

    I love this piece! It reminds a lot of the music from the animated film The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. It tells a story. The theme which runs throughout is very catchy. Nice work!

    Please post more


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