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Topic: More RMX memory issues

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    Unhappy More RMX memory issues


    As this is my first post I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Brett and I'm a working composer from Melbourne Australia. It's a privilege to be a new member of this rather excellent forum

    I am having difficulty with Stylus RMX comsuming too much memory. This is a different problem to an earlier thread and not related to the acculumated loss of memory while browsing through sounds. (http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=29309)

    My problem, is the amount of physical RAM RMX consumes when *no* sounds are loaded. In my case, the first (empty) instance of RMX uses 18% (180Mb) of my total of 1GIG of PC 2700 DDR RAM. The 2nd instance uses 10% more, and each instance of RMX uses up 10% more of my RAM thereafter. And this is without loading any sounds. This means I can only load 7 empty instances of RMX before I consume all my available RAM, without loading any samples!

    Practically, in any given composition, I am therefore limited to one or two instances of RMX (used multi-timbrally) given I am using other virtual instruments at the same time.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?

    I have a P4 2.4GHz PC with 1Gig RAM using Logic 5.5, and have no probs with any other plugins / virtual instruments from Spectrasonics, NI etc

    I am aware that Spectrasonics is not officially supporting Logic 5.5 PC users, (something i was unaware of when I purchased the upgrade for the original Stylus) but I am hoping someone (Spectrum or Glenn0?) may be able to point me in the right direction.



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    Re: More RMX memory issues

    Seven instances of RMX ??!! Brett, remember RMX is eight-part multitimbral. For that reason it's unusual to need multiple instances. With seven instances, that's actually like loading 56 instances of a very powerful plugin!

    - Glenn

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    Re: More RMX memory issues

    Hey Brett,
    No worries.

    RMX is pretty much designed to need only one instance.
    If you haven't done so, go to the web site and download the demo videos.

    Even jedi's can learn a lot from them. I certainly did.

    I was watching the Australian Open last night - enjoy summer down there!.

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    Re: More RMX memory issues

    Thanks Glenn & Ed, your comments are of course sensible, and I guess you're telling me that this is normal behaviour for RMX.

    However, most times I need at least 2 instances of RMX, so to have 280Mb of RAM gobbled up without even loading any samples is a lot when I only have 1Gig installed. I can see the solution though... $$$

    Cheers and thanks again.

    (Ed...Summer is finally kicking in here - at last!)

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