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Topic: Auditioning sounds / Sonar

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    Auditioning sounds / Sonar

    Hello all, a newbie here needs help-
    using Sonar / delta 1010 / GS3 solo- I can only audtion sounds in GS3
    using it as a standalone. When Sonar is open /rewired / gs3 opened I can play / hear / sequence etc. fine in Sonar but when I switch to GS3 to load or audition instruments using either the audition button or keyboard there's no sound happening.
    I have Sonar set to ' share drivers w/ other programs'. Any suggestions??
    -Here's are a few more things too: how do I create banks patch names of my perfomances to export into Sonar? I have V Sampler & that automatically loads the patch names into the banks..
    -GS3 crashes when I try to open Sonar up using the ' launch sequencer' button, I can only load Sonar first then GS3 rewired (not a problem now that I know but has this happened to anyone else?)

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    Re: Auditioning sounds / Sonar

    Not ideal, but I've found that if you start Sonar to play (with muted tracks if you like) and then switch to a Rewired Giga3, Giga3 responds to midi input while in the Giga screen. I'm not positive, but Giga3 sample audition may work the same way. (You probably need to turn on "midi echo" on a Sonar midi channel too.)

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    Re: Auditioning sounds / Sonar

    Thanks cunningham, got it figured out. I'm now having problems with Sonar, when I use port 2 (in Sonar) it automatically transmits instruments from port/bank 1 into GS3's port 2 instrument columns!! Need to find out how to stop tranmitting them while still using multiple ports & banks in Sonar..

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    Re: Auditioning sounds / Sonar

    gigafusion...Not sure I understand your problem, but sounds like you are loading giga instruments with the same defined port and channel embedded. Look in the far right lower corner for the settings of each instrument. If you see two with the same or similar port/channel info, right click on one of the instruments...that should allow you to edit the port/channel info....change it to the port and channel you are using in Giga3...and match that setting in Sonar.

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    Re: Auditioning sounds / Sonar

    cunningham, I totally re-installed GS3 & now the ports/ banks are all responding correctly in Sonar..appreciate the help..gigafusion

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