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Topic: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs

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    RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs

    Upgraded to 1.2 and have been suffering with massive GUI bugs since.
    Double buttons (overlapping each other) - double listings in the browser (again partially overlapping).

    everything seems to function fine but after a full day of starring at the screen - I have a headache!

    If someone can hip me on how to upload a pic to this thread i can post a screen shot.

    Eric - Love rmx!!! this gui thing is no sweat. I can provide detailed info if it would help.

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    Re: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs


    I upgraded last night and spent about an hour with it. I had no GUI problems. Not extensive testing - just playing around. Btw, I'm using Logic Pro 7.0.1 on a 1Ghz Titanium Powerbook.


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    Re: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs

    Could be a video RAM issue. I have 1.2 on a Mac and I have not encountered any of those problems (yet).

    You might consider re-installing.
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    Re: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs

    Mac dual 2.5 stock video card.
    2.5 gigs of ram
    os 10.3.5
    DP 4.52

    Tried reinstalling earlier - no change.

    Happens both as a AU and under dae as rtas.

    RMX 1.1 had no problems. Started immediately with 1.2

    I figured it was likely a DP/rmx issue but considering that these are both companies latest updates.......

    Here is the screen shot. This is before i start browsing ... then it really gets nuts.

    I will find a way to post a sceen shot later.

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    Re: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs


    update OSX... latest versions have bettered way much video support...

    10.3.5 or 10.3.7 which was reported to be fine and 'christened' by Digidesign a few days ago...

    Try this,

    Best regards

    Simone Coen
    Simone Coen
    Musician, Producer, Sample Library Producer

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    Re: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs

    Thank Simone -
    I am on 10.3.5 ( I miss-typed earlier).

    Since ONLY rmx 1.2 has this problem (and 1.1 didn't) I think it highly unlikely this is a computer problem of any sort.
    More likely DP 4.52+rmx 1.2 = double images.
    Spectrasonics most likely did not have DP4.52 for very long to test things since 4.52 just arrived.

    I am almost at a completely stable system.
    PT is really stable.
    DP just might be with 4.52.
    All soft synths and plugs are working great and I can go a full day without a crash.
    Haven't had a totally stable rig since 9.2.2

    almost there!

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    Re: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs

    Spent the morning sussing this out.

    It's all a giant DP 4.52 issue. and its just one issue among many.
    All spectrasonics plugs have issues in this release.

    Spectrum- you guys and Motu need to have a heart to heart. V4.5 and up have just not played nice with your software.

    I am posting this now because maybe you can find some motu guys at namm - take them out back and give them the -ss whoopin they deserve.

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    Re: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs

    I sympathise with your problem, Ed, but I'm afraid I don't share it. I'm using RMX 1.2 in DP 4.52 in OS X 10.3.7. I *do* have the no-sound-on-instantiation problem with Atmosphere and Trilogy when I use the AU versions, but running them in VST Wrapper makes the problem go away.

    I presume you know about the workaround for the AU situation? In case you don't, just open Hardware Setup in DP and close it again.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: RMX 1.2 Serious GUI Bugs

    Hey thanks Dave,

    Its only happening when running in DAE mode and using it as an RTAS.
    Clicking on the drag and drop midi file temporarily fixes it so that part is no big deal.

    The no sound thing can also be fixed by refreshing the bit depth - which is probably the same effect as hitting the hardware button - basically refreshing the audio system.

    All in all things work but for both apps to be on .2 updates......... could be better if you know what I mean.

    RMX is just amazing.

    Thanks for the hardware button fix..... its a bit easier than the method i found. Appreciate the tip!

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