Here are a couple more songs from our musical "Spellbound". They are rough recordings, using a Roland VA-76 keyboard playing the music. I know they will sound so much better once I GPO them, but for now, here is a taste of them. Btw, if anyone else wants to have a go at doing a GPO mock up of them, let me know and I will link the midi or Finale files.

Night After Night is sung by Talus to his daughter (Emiechel) about how life is now, without Cheryn (wife and mother), who has left to begin an adventure across the lands of Dragnor with Herianne and her friends. Talus shows his love and yearning for Cheryn and ponders over when, if ever, she will return.

Greeme's Warning: Greeme, an imposter, working for the Dark Lord, Zelatoth has been captured by the Undead. His plans to capture Herianne have been hindered as he sings about his future and the possible demise of the Warlocks.