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Topic: RMX 1.2 authorization problem

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    RMX 1.2 authorization problem

    I have already tried three response codes (obtained via the spectrasonics RMX community page) but RMX 1.2 and 1.2.1 refuses to (re)authorize. It's strange becuase my my challenge code didn't change at all.
    BTW: reinstalling RMX 1.1 still works fine but i want RMX 1.2 to work!!!
    Who experiences the same problem and solved it?
    I'm using Mac Dual G4 / 1 GB RAM OSX 10.3.7 with Logic Pro

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    Re: RMX 1.2 authorization problem

    I solved my problem. Challenge code did change one one position in the string!!!. I obtained an new response code with the new challende code and it works! THX to the support of Spectrasonics!!!

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