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Topic: processor limits on digital performer!

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    processor limits on digital performer!

    I have an on-going problem with hitting processor limits while using Digital Performer and a series of plug-ins. The ones I am using are:

    Garritan Personal Orchestra
    MOTU MachFive

    On the piece I am working on right now (which often hits the limts and gives me error messages) I have been experimenting to see if I can bring down usage. It is using:

    1 instance of M5
    3 instance of Pro-53
    2 instances of Personal Orchestra

    Deleting the 3 Pro-53s didn't seem to make much difference, deleting the M5 looked much more hopeful but the best by far was deleting the 2 Personal Orchestras.

    I am working at 24 bit/44.1KHz (I already abandoned 88.2KHz due to processor problems). and I am using, supposedly, one of the fastest personal computers in the world - with 2.5 GHz of RAM installed. But I can't run a few plug-ins without the DP processor window hitting the limits.

    I have already set System Preferences/Energy Saver/Options/Processor Performance to 'Highest'

    Any ideas? - I'm despairing. Looks like I'm going to have to burn down every virtual instrumnet before I go to next stage - recording audio at 24/88.1.

    Apple Mac G5 Dual 2.5GHz
    2.5 GB RAM

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    Re: processor limits on digital performer!

    It sounds to me like you are running the maximum you could expect from the Mac. I use a Mac G4 dual 1 ghz with 2 gigs of ram with DP 4.5, but I run all my sounds from a separate PC.

    Try these things to see if an improvement in performance can be achieved...

    setup/configure audio system/configure hardware driver/set the host buffer multiplier to 2 instead of 1.

    Make sure your buffer setting is as high as it will go, perhaps 1024.

    buffer settings...
    setup/configure audio system/configure hardware driver/configure studio settings/disk read/write size and buffer size per voice. The buffer size per voice should be a number that is approximately double that of the disk read/write size.
    Apart from these settings, I think you may be experiencing the max.
    Hope these help.

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    Re: processor limits on digital performer!

    What version of DP? If you haven't yet upgraded to 4.5, make sure you have 4.12...if you have upgraded, get the latest, 4.52.

    Try reducing polyphony on any GPO instruments where you can do so without affecting the sound...for example, reduce things like harp or timpani to 16 and see if you get away with it...

    I assume you are loading the dry versions of your GPO instruments. I just completely removed the Wet Audition folder since it's quite easy with NI's tiny hierarchical menus to jump over to the wrong one...I also kept the old version of GPO's dry instruments folder, renamed it "eco"...if you don't need the advanced programming of the upgrade, the old instruments have a lighter CPU hit.

    Also get to know the Freeze function in DP, it's your friend. Basically, in the track overview window, just select any Instrument track, and any MIDI tracks that are triggering that instruement, and select the "Freeze Selected Tracks" command from the Audio menu (cmd-ctrl-F). This will render a stereo audio track of that instrument, and turn off the instrument track. It's easy to go back and tweak stuff, just mute the "frozen" track and turn the instrument track back on, then freeze again once you have made the necessary changes.

    I'm not familiar with MachV, but depending on how many voices you are triggering on each instrument, how many effects or other plugins you are running, you may indeed be hitting the wall...but then again you should be able to load a full template in GPO alone on that machine. Things like Piano, harps, cymbals, timpani - instruments that have a long decay - can really eat up poyphony/CPU cycles, so consider freezing them separately to save juice.


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    Re: processor limits on digital performer!

    Thanks guys - useful info. - I am aware of several of the solutions you mentioned but was hoping that I could get away with more on this machine before I had to resort to them.

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    Re: processor limits on digital performer!

    Just installed more RAM - now have 5.5GB - things look a bit happier at 24bit/44.1K so far (too early to say) but at 24/88.2K they are still horendous - does anyone work at 88.2 or 96K with P.O - if so, how?

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