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Topic: Publishing my first GPO piece

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    Publishing my first GPO piece


    this is the first time I post a piece I have done. It was composed by Albert W. Ketelbey and was first published in 1920. The orchestration was made by myself, because I had only the piano score. So I did what I thought it should sound. The piece is pure GPO.


    Comments are welcome.

    Best regards

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    Re: Publishing my first GPO piece

    Really nice. The orchestration is very good. You have done a good job of creating good colours and textures. Good use of dynamics.

    It sounds like it could do with a little more reverb. About a third of the way in it slows down and there is a short break before it move into the next theme. During those rest it sounds very dry and perhaps a little more reverb would give it a fuller sound?

    Just a suggestion but otherwise I like it very much!

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    Re: Publishing my first GPO piece

    Thank you for listening and your nice comments.

    For the reverb I think you are right. I will check and increase it a bit.

    Best regards

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    Re: Publishing my first GPO piece

    Rainer, my dear sir,

    Marvelous job! You have a knack for orchestral imagination.

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    Re: Publishing my first GPO piece

    Awesome work with the orchestration! I agree with just a bit more reverb in the section mentioned but not too much.
    You did an excellent job and I know how hard it can be to orchestrate from just a piano score. Well done.

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    Re: Publishing my first GPO piece

    Thank you very much for your nice words.

    Best regards

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