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Topic: New Orchestral Plug-in from MOTU ?

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    New Orchestral Plug-in "Symphonic" from MOTU

    Does anyone know about MOTU`s new Orchestral Plug-in called
    "Symphonic" that they`re going to release ?
    Its about 8GB , and has a convolution reverb built in it .
    And heard that it was announced at NAMM.

    Never mind I found a little info that someone wrote on Unicornation forum.
    I`ll just paste it here .

    >The last thing he showed was a new VI, the MOTU Symphonic Instrument,
    >which has an 8 gig library of of new sounds of solo instruments, small
    >ensembles and full orchestra. I believe they were running it thru Mach 5 for
    >the demo, but it claims to run 16 parts in one instance of the plug, has a
    >built in convolution reverb, is compatible with Mach 5, and has a easy to
    >use single window interface. The brouchure reads, " The MOTU Symphonic
    >Instrument is a CPU efficient plug-in that saves with your host application
    >document for instant recall. There are no session settings or configuration
    >files-nothing could be easier!" It's compatible with all major plug ins
    >formats for Mac OSX & Windows.
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    Re: New Orchestral Plug-in from MOTU ?

    $300. Looks very interesting.

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    Re: New Orchestral Plug-in from MOTU ?

    The symphonic demo MOTU played at the NAMM show is pretty good. M first impression was "wow".

    But then they began playing some samples in real time with a keyboard and I became less and less impressed. The brass is horrible. Don't get me wrong, for $299 it is a pretty good deal. It works in both MAC and PC. It is CPU efficient according to them. The convolution reverb requires either a G5 MAC or a high end Pentium 4. But...there is a simple reverb as well that is less CPU intensive.

    I see this as a cheap way to add some great "demo" sounds to some portable laptop rig or something...especially if you use digital performer as your sequencer. For the 8GB in size...it is pretty good. But I would not rely on it to make any "broadcast" quality tracks...at least not yet.
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    Re: New Orchestral Plug-in from MOTU ?

    Thanks for the review
    I`m suprized that you need a G5 Mac to use the
    convolution reverb...I thought G4 (Alti Vel. engine)was enough for that.

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