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Topic: First GPO piece completed - written to a brief!!

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    First GPO piece completed - written to a brief!!

    Hi all,

    I have no delusions that I am anywhere near as talented as some of the people on this board, but here is my first completed GPO composition.


    It was written to the brief that it be remeniscent of Ennio Morricone's Cinema Paradiso soundtrack, though be more up-tempo. I hope I have achieved this!

    All the strings (and the harp) are from GPO, the piano is the Galaxy Steinway 5.1 and the guitar is my Takemine nylon string mic'd with a Cad M9 microphone.

    Please be brutal - I need as much constructive criticism as I can get.

    Kind regards,

    Graeme Osborne

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    Re: First GPO piece completed - written to a brief!!

    I like this piece very much. It is great to hear what a beginner can do, since I am a beginner too. I wished this track had been longer, with some crescendoes here and there. A modulation into another key towards the end would also give it a little lift. Try adding a french horn and oboe counter melody later on. I think it would sound wonderful (even though it already is a great piece as it is).

    Congratulations on your first GPO piece
    Thanks for sharing,


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    Re: First GPO piece completed - written to a brief!!

    This is nice Graeme. I think it would be interesting to not have the guitar and piano playing in unison all the time....it would add a bit of variety. However, I do like a lot of this piece just as it is.....it's fresh...it's got drive!

    I also think you've programmed the violin/viola rather well.....which variety is it?


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    Re: First GPO piece completed - written to a brief!!

    Hi Kin, Frank,

    Kin - I have read your comments and am just adding the finishing touches to an English Horn counter melody that is working really well - it was something I considered but decided not to include first time, so great minds think alike!

    As for the track being longer, I was limited to a 1:30 max for this piece.

    Frank - I totally agree about the guitar and piano! I will compose a new guitar line for the last 30 seconds or so to give it more interest. When I get back in the studio I shall let you know what Violin I used.

    Kind regards,


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    Re: First GPO piece completed - written to a brief!!

    Can't wait to hear it
    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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