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Topic: how can one get this piano sound

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    how can one get this piano sound


    Just wondering what technique/library could get that soft/deep non-classical sort of pianoish sound for use in non-orchestral music

    p.s. yes i use t.n. as examples too much

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    Re: how can one get this piano sound

    Thank you

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    Re: how can one get this piano sound

    The One,

    For non-orchestral - Pop, Jazz, My choice is "The Bardstown Borsendorfer Imperial Grand Piano"

    Kip McGinnis offers 24/7 support for all of his samples.
    He'll be coming out with an Acoustic Bass shortly

    Listen to them all before deciding.

    Many demos to listen too.

    Here's the link:


    Alan Russell
    Please Visit My New & Revised Official Website Below


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    Re: how can one get this piano sound

    No doubt for me, as a lucky user of it I second the ArtVista Malmsjö vote for that kind of sound. It's definately an "American Beauty".


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    Re: how can one get this piano sound


    In regard to which track, there are examples, the type of piano sound is that found in the two main tracks "American Beauty" or "Any Other Name". The second especially, it is more "deep" They are both similar.

    "There sure are a LOT of piano options these days."

    Yes, I've noticed that, my head gets dizzy looking at all of them

    Anyways, thanks to a little help from PolarBear, the Malmsjö seems closer to what I want to get. Thanks for the suggestions!

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