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Topic: Beginner Question: Improving solo violin sound?

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    New User: Improving solo violin sound?

    Hi there. I'm yet another hobbyist introduced to the fun of orchestral sequencing thanks to GPO. I'm trying to get more realism in the violin - I'm aware there is a new package out that would help, but my hobby budget is now gone for a while.

    I've found some tips on the forum which I have tried to incorporate. I'm hoping one of you might have a listen and see if you have any other suggestions. I can tell some notes are harsh - I'm having a hard time controlling the attack of some of the notes.

    I'm not looking for comments on the piece - it's just something made up to highlight the sounds of the violin. This is also my first attempt at anything like this so consider yourself warned...

    Link: Piano and Violin Duet

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Re: Beginner Question: Improving solo violin sound?

    I too am just starting to learn GPO, but I think it sounds like you're well on your way to me. The thing that I noticed was the note releases, which sound a little abrupt. I've been experimenting with placing a fade on the end of each note to make it sound more realistic. I haven't learned to control it like I want yet, but I think it helps me. Good luck
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    Re: Beginner Question: Improving solo violin sound?

    You can modify the release time with the "Length" parameter, either by setting a fixed value on the player, or via a CC21.

    I find that for rapid or staccato passages, I must reduce the "Length" substantially to avoid mushiness. The default is 50%. I often find I've set it to 20% or a bit less to get a crisp sound on the quick passages.

    I agree with Hans that rolling back on the mod wheel at the end of the virtual bow stroke gives it more realism, particularly on the slower expressive passages like this piece has.

    On faster passages, the effect of the velocity becomes more important, because you simply can't shape every note, nor are they generally "shaped" in fast passages. The shape starts to apply more to the phrase and less to each note on the faster passages (with exceptions, always, of course).

    Chinablu started an interesting thread that talks about controlling the expression and the brightness simultaneously with the mod wheel (CC01s). He did it in Logic with transformers. I did it in SONAR with plugins. It's interesting...I'm still experimenting...not sure yet if I like it.

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