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Topic: trilogy post

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    trilogy post


    I am having a problem with Trilogy that I didn't have before. Quite
    often when I open it (in Cubase SX) I am unable to load any sounds.
    It says, "Could Not Change Preset". If Trilogy is the first thing I
    open in a project and load up a sound, it is usually okay. But if I
    have a few VSTi's already running this problem occurs. Also, if I
    open it first and load a sound, and then try to change the loaded
    sound after loading up a few more VSTi's I can't load a new sound and
    I lose the one I already had loaded.

    This didn't used to happen. The only thing that I can think of that's
    changed is I added a couple of more plug-ins recently, and also
    installed the TC POwercore card. Has anyone else experienced this


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    Re: trilogy post

    Reinstall Trilogy, that's all, that i can recommend now.
    (but i think that this is an error of that module).
    I had that trouble some times.

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    Re: trilogy post

    Probably a messed up alias/shortcut. Make a new one and you should be OK.


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