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Topic: "Sittin' On The Front Porch"

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    "Sittin' On The Front Porch"


    This is my "Sittin' On The Front Porch". The piano is GPO and the banjo is from the remarkable Front Porch Banjo sample library.


    See y'all later,

    Larry A.

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    Re: "Sittin' On The Front Porch"

    Quote Originally Posted by neoTypic
    Good deal Larry! *laughs*

    Only minor nitpick is hearing the string scratches far left - it seems displaced from the banjo itself which seems maybe 20 right of center.

    That is something over which I have no control. It is evidently the way that the sample library outputs things. The notes for the banjo and the control notes for the string "squeaks" are located in the same plane and have the same pan settings.


    Larry A.

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