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Topic: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

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    Question Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    Hello, I'm wanting sequencer software that will allow me to echo midi input to mutiple midi outs SIMULTANEOUSLY. So, if I have a Giga piano on track 1 selected, and it midi outs to output gigastudio port 1, and I have track 2 set up to output to USB port A (which goes to external sound module), can I turn on an echo feature so that USB port A drives the external sound module as well as the piano when I am actually playing in realtime on track one? My PowerTracks software will not allow this, so there is no good way to use that sequencer and be able to play my external devices layered in real time. I can only play the device whose track I am on currently.

    Is sonar fairly easy to use basic features on? I think Studio version would be plenty for me.


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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    Sonar does this easily.

    Create multiple tracks. Connect the inputs to your MIDI in. Connect the outputs to whatever ports, channels, banks and patches that you want. Click on as many echo icons (make them light green) and play or record. Works great.

    I'm using Sonar 3, but I'd guess that Sonar 4 does the same.


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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    Thanks again Jon. Would Sonar 3 or 4 run well on the same machine as Giga 3? I am running Giga 3 just fine with PowerTracks seq software, with low DMA buffer of 64, 24bit at 48000. I just use Giga currently for piano samples. Also, if I were to run one or two more patches on GS3 like some strings or something, would I most likely be able to run Sonar on same machine still?

    Thx Jon

    P4 at 3.5
    1gb DDR
    SCSI Cheetah 15K.3

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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    I run Sonar 4 and GS3 on same machine with no problems. Well ...that is since I replaced my M-Audio Audiophile card for a MiaMidi card. The m-audio card was causing random low-level clicks that I couldn't completely get rid of no matter what I tried (buffer sizes, different drivers, etc. etc.). But since I got MiaMidi all has been running smoothly.


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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    Jay, did you have GS3 sounding ok without Sonar running concurrently? I have all noise out of GS3 with this audiophile card and plus it is OK too with PowerTracks software running, so I hope I don't have to change cards. Too much $$ on top of Sonar right now.

    Also, what really does Producer add? Is the reverb than much better than the LE version that comes with Studio?

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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    I've got Sonar 3 Studio running alongside GS3 Orchestra through an M-Audio Audiophile 192. Works great!


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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    I never tried running GS3 without Sonar 4.

    I now use Gigapulse instead of Pantheon reverb. But I do use some of the Producer Edition Sonitus FX plug-ins. The Producer edition also offers Surround sound Mixing and editing (which I don't really use--maybe some day).

    Here's a feature comparison chart:


    The track folders are my favorite and most used new feature, and that one is in both editions.

    If you buy Studio Edition first you can always upgrade to Producer Edition later.


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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?


    Sonar 4 works well with Giga

    You can also look at Cubase !...i worked with both but prefer Cubase SX3 above Sonar 4

    But sx3 is more expensive than S4


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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    Thanks all, I found a new copy of Sonar 4 Studio for $235 total, so that's not bad. Thanks again for the words and thoughts. Looking forward to it!

    BTW, I have a Roland A90ex controller (midi in, thru, and 4 outs), my PC with Giga 3, 3 other external sound modules. I bought a USB midisport 4x4 from m-audio with its 4 midi ins and 4 midi outs. Do I need this USB 4x4 to be able to . . .

    1. Connect all my devices (including PC) and be able to sequence in Sonar?

    2. Play all devices together in layered fashion?


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    Re: Sonar 4 -- what do you think?

    Hi, All. Thanks for all the great info in this thread. I never knew about the input echo feature. I always wanted to be able to play multiple patches.
    I also happen to be considering upgrading my computers. I'm currently running Sonar 4 Producer on a 1.8GHz P4 with 512MB of RAM and a separate 80GB HD for VST and audio files. I have a MOTU PCI424 card with an original 2408 and a 2408MKIII. All this gear is humming along flawlessly.
    I inherited a second identical P4 machine, minus the second HD, on which I've loaded GS3. I have a GSIF2 compatible soundcard with 8 channels of ADAT, SPDIF, and two MIDI IN and two MIDI OUT ports for 32 MIDI channels. The ADAT on the Giga computer is connected to the 2408 on the main computer and the MIDI cables are running to an 8x8 MIDI interface. My giga sounds are all loaded on a Glyph 160GB fire wire drive which Sweetwater assures me is ideal for this exact purpose.
    Unfortunately, this machine is not up to the task of running GS3 as well as I would like. I do run into some voice stealing issues and the like while using instruments that worked fine on GS2.5 which was running on the same machine that only runs Sonar now. I think SP2 caused GS2.54 to fail. Also, I think GS3 is simply more resource consumptive. what would you expect from a product that comes on multiple DVDs rather than multiple CDs?
    So, I'm thinking of having one or two machines built by Open Labs. Everyone says that I'm better off having a second machine for Giga. I'm considering buying SyntheG's Ivory Grand Pianos when they become available and East West's 'Symphonic Choirs." These are huge VST instruments consuming some 35GB each. You get the idea. ILIO didn't have any specs on what they recommended for minimum or optimum hardware configurations to run Ivory with Sonar on the same machine. Do you guys have any advice for me with respect to whether I should buy or build one or two machines?
    Please accept my apologies for the long post.
    Also, if you wouldn't mind, could anyone responding to this thread copy me privately. Notification only works if you visit the thread regularly. I'm blind and may not be able to find it and I'm very interested in what you have to say.

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