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Topic: connecting keyboard to two computers.

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    connecting keyboard to two computers.

    So, what's the best way to hook up one keyboard to two computers running samplers? Actually, I havn't built the second computer yet, but will very soon. What I'm planning on doing is have Gigastudio on one computer, and EWQLSO Gold on the other. Actually, I have Reason too, and I'll run that from time to time. Anyway, I'm using a Kawai MP9500 as a midi controler (its a great midi controler, by the way, much better the my Yamaha P80, which is a very lame midi controler).

    With the Kawai, I have four external channels I can set up anyway I like. And I can also set the menu to quickly switch channels, so I can change to a different sound easily. So I'd like to run two computers/samplers/or synths at the same time. The midi interace I'm using has no midi through, (an maudio usb midi 1x1). I'm no midi expert, so, if any of the more august minds here have any advice, I'd really appreciate it.



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    Re: connecting keyboard to two computers.

    Buy an extra midisport 1*1. An other option is to send midi over lan connection. Your setup will be like a chian keybord>midisport>seqeuncer midi in. sequencer midiout>computer2> GS

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    Re: connecting keyboard to two computers.

    For connecting MIDI through a computer network, check out MusicLabs' MIDIoverLAN. The first time setup can be a bit of a pain, but once working, it's great. They have a forum over there where you can find the answers if you have problems.


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    Re: connecting keyboard to two computers.

    Thanks for your replys! I'll probably have more questions when I try and set up the system.



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