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Topic: NAMM: A new Korg OASYS demo by Stephen Kay

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    NAMM: A new Korg OASYS demo by Stephen Kay

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    If anyone is interested, Stephen Kay (inventor of the Karma technology), posted a video of an OASYS demo he did at Winter NAMM 2005.

    Since it is compressed video, the audio quality isn't that great, but the song rocks!!

    The demo is his real-time playing of a Combination, not a Sequence. Stephen's performance takes advantage of Karma technology chord recognition and associated "chord trigger" controllers.


    To download the QuickTime Demo directly, just "right-click" on the link below, then select "Save As" (or the equivalent in the Mac world):

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    Re: NAMM: A new Korg OASYS demo by Stephen Kay

    I watched the demos at NAMM and was not even remotely impressed. Probably just me.
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