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Topic: Ergonimic Mouse

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    Ergonimic Mouse

    I use a Track ball by Logitech with Thumb ball. I've used the model that allows th scrolling to happen with the fingers. After years of doing this, I just want something different to relieve pressure.

    Anyone suggest something else that isn't conventional that would relieve index finger left click and scrolling with the fingers/thumb.

    I saw this.

    Anyone use this before?

    How about this?


    Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Ergonimic Mouse

    I like Wacom tablets. I don't much like mice or trackballs.


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    Re: Ergonimic Mouse

    Jon, is there a lot of setting up to get it to work with yur sequencer or other music apps?

    Are you using it on a Mac at all?

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    Re: Ergonimic Mouse

    No special setup needed at all. I only use it on PCs. Works great with the IOGear MiniView III KVM.


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