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Topic: Acid Loops: Where to buy?

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    Acid Loops: Where to buy?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a good website that sells Acid Loops - preferably one with a large selection and the ability to download the library as opposed to receiving it by mail (I don't know if people are doing this yet!)

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

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    Smile Re: Acid Loops: Where to buy?

    Visit the SONY site that now own/produces the ACID program. Gosh, I get their advertisement magazine about once a month which contains pages upon pages of loop products for ACID. I think that on their website, you can order their magazine to be mailed to you if you want. . .

    Anyway, here's their website:

    SONY Audio-Video Products

    Also, I highly recommend visiting their support forums. Like here, there's plenty of knowledgable people who help answer questions including the software developers of those programs.

    SONY Audio-Video Support Forums

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    Re: Acid Loops: Where to buy?

    House of Samples.com has the cheapest prices that I can find. I am not aware of any way to buy these via download.

    I would suggest using the Sony website (or their catalog) to deternine the titles you want, then jump over to HOS to buy them:


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