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Topic: Ethnosphere?

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    Anybody use it, love it, hate it? Curious as to how many of the sounds are loops and how many are multisamples. The site isn't specific on what type of sounds are included.

    Alternately the company that sold them the sounds for the VSTi, http://www.backintimerecords.de , has a website, but a lot of it is in what I assume is German, so no information there either. I would probably just go with the sample disks if I could get more from the site.

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    Re: Ethnosphere?

    I used only one time that in one TV-show, but after that uninstalled and forgot about that...
    Don't like that Vsti.

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    Re: Ethnosphere?

    I really like there company, really kind.

    but the Ethonosphere isn't really good.
    there is a few quite good sounds in there but
    most of them uses single or just a few sample for whole keyboard
    range.. so.. you know if you hit the lower key then sound really

    I know the new EastWest RA(whatever its called) is
    much more expensive but I rather save up money
    and buy that one.

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    Re: Ethnosphere?

    I just used it in the recording studio of a friend and I have to say that is one of the worst VST I have tried. The sounds are really poor. Not only because most of the programs have only one sample, also have very poor quality. The loops are not bad, but there are not many and you don't see what is the tempo.
    If you are thinking of buying it, forget it, spend your money in other things Joseph
    Of course it is only a personal (but real) opinion
    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
    SampleLibraries |MyWeb

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