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Topic: Confused: Difference 'tween GPO and GPO Lite/advanced

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    Question Confused: Difference 'tween GPO and GPO Lite/advanced

    Just saw the full page ad in Electronic musician for GPO with the announcement for Jazz band and new GPO versions. At the bottom of the page, the prices are GPO $279, GPO Lite $149, and GPO Advanced $499.

    What are the differences between GPO, GPO Lite, and GPO advanced?



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    Re: Confused: Difference 'tween GPO and GPO Lite/advanced

    What I posted at KVR in regards to a similar question:

    Exact details are forthcoming. Gary will probably spend all day catching up, but I assume there'll be more details within the week as far as specifics go.

    Right now, I would say that what is being called GPO 2 is actually the updated version that all current GPO owners should have since the update back in mid 2004. If you have not updated go to www.garritan.com for details. There were some programming changes as well as new instruments (not samples, but new instruments due to new programming) like aggressive strings and brass, new keyswitch instruments, etc. There will be some additional changes to the GPO 2 retail package that current owners may or may not be able to take advantage of, but I'm not the person to answer that question.

    As far as GPO Lite is concerned, all I know is that it probably won't contain the piano or organ and may not have the ensemble instruments. It will still be pretty comprehensive, but keep in mind that this is just my take and will have to be confirmed once concrete details surface.

    GPO Advanced will contain additional samples (not programmed samples) and will add harmonics, new playing technique, more instruments, some rare instruments to the existing library. There will be an upgrade path and I'm sure it will be the difference between the MSRP for Advanced and the current price of GPO. In my mind, the retail package of Advanced will contail all of GPO 2 as well as the new samples, etc. But, again, this is just my take and could be entirely in the wrong direction. I'll update you guys as soon as I know more (hopefully tonight.)

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    Re: Confused: Difference 'tween GPO and GPO Lite/advanced

    Thanks for the info.

    Yes, I did do the update just recently.


    PS> Looking forward to jazz band set...

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