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Topic: RMX, Excessive CPU load.

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    RMX 1.2, Excessive CPU load.


    Cubase SX2, P4 2.8 with 2gig Ram.

    Creating a multi is fine, with several grooves and several FX.

    CPU load is 20%+/-

    Save song.

    Reload song, CPU load is 100% + for about 40 seconds, after which it settles at over 80%.

    Unload FX, no difference.
    Unload grooves: I unloaded all but one, untill this time CPU = 80%, with 1 groove remaining, CPU now 5%.

    Recreate multi as before, CPU load resumes at 20%+/-

    Everything worked fine in 1.1.
    It suggests to me a resource error with 1.2 when reloading a song.

    (However, I can't assume the problem is not with the host, but is was not evident with V1.1)

    Has anybody else found this?


    Dave Wise.

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    Re: RMX, Excessive CPU load.

    That sounds rather bizarre. Please save your multi (Utility menu->Multi Save) and email it to support@spectrasonics.net along with details about your host and computer. Thanks.

    - Glenn

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