Ok I thought I would post a little review of the Larry Seyer Acoustic Drum Library. I have had this library for about two weeks and have been using it and learning about it almost everyday.

Installation : went perfectly, everything in it's correct place the first time around.

Manual: Manual comes in a PDF format and is easy to read and understand. Also, I think it explains gigapulse way better than any manual I have seen from Tascam. (perhaps Larry should write one?)

Download and installation of bonus drum kits and midi files : flawless, just like the main installation. There really is nothing else to say, it's hassle free.

Now to the good stuff.

I am using this library on my dedicated 3.2 ghz pc with 1.5 meg ram and a raid 0 set up for the sample hard drives. The sound card is a VSL2020 by Steinberg set to 128 samples.

The sound of these drums is absolutely stunning. In a surround format using gigapulse they are incredible. The clarity and "ring" of all the samples are simply are as good as you can get.

A GSI file on my machine loads up in about 10 sec. A single GSI file has one complete kit and using the quicksound feature in GS3 you can swop out any element of a particular kit in seconds and be on your way.

All of the GP "room colors" are wonderful too. you can mix and match, remove alter or change endlessly and the sound is clear, and transparent. (You can use these room colors on any instrument you want. If you have other drum libraries that you like, simply load up a "room color" into GP and go.

The midi files... All of the 1400 or so midi files make the entire library a stunning success. Many, many styles are covered and with just a little bit of tweaking you can get the midi files to be anything you want. Best of all, the midi files sound completely realistic..

The use of "round robin" or multiple strikes has such a profound impact on the sound and believability of this library. Being able to alter the "strike" on a snare drum (eight different ways!) or a hi-hat makes all the difference.

In case you have not guessed I am completely enamored with this library. I have a 7.1 surround set up and I have just been loading up the 7.1 kits and jamming. I actually had several musicians in my studio over the weekend and we just turned it up and played.... incredible.

Oh i almost forgot, Larry has a "room color" patch called "dry cleaner" and you have got to try it some of your existing drum libraries. Makes your drums sound, punchy, fat, and focused.

Thanks Larry, and the team who helped create this incredible library.