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Topic: A little peice of music

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    A little peice of music

    Hi - I saw a danish film yesterday at a test screening. It only had temp music which made me immediately compose music while I saw the film. So when I came home I wrote a little theme for the main character named My Larsen (yes, 'My' is a name here ). Anyway I found out that a composer was already working on the real score, so I just did this peice for fun.

    As I am scoring a game at the moment I dident have time to "waste" mixing it and composing it perfectly. So its kind of an 85% complete things which I will never finish. But since I usualy cant post any of my "real" music for contract reasons I can post this little thing

    Here it is, my first NSS demo... Hope you enjoy


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    Re: A little peice of music

    Liked it

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    Re: A little peice of music

    What a surprise!

    I like the mood and atmosphere you created, it's like a mixture between ethnical and urban, also the percussion and rythm, can you tell which libraries are u using? Is this RMX?

    Keep posting


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    Re: A little peice of music

    Thanks - yes - most of the percussion is RMX. I beleive there is a tad of storm drum in there.

    Piano - Malmsjö (which I love - kudos to Hans Adamson!)
    The rest is VSL if I recall correctly

    This music was actualy a nice departure from what I'm scoring currently... I need a gig which calls for something like this

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