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Topic: FUNSTER21..Larry....PM ME PLEASE

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    FUNSTER21..Larry....PM ME PLEASE

    Please PM me and please send me your phone number....You may very well be holding the key to what's left of my sanity !!.. ....Thanks for your help .....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: FUNSTER21..Larry....PM ME PLEASE

    It looks like you got it solved before I got a chance to message you back. Hopefully look at this as a positive learning experience as you have certainly learned more about the software and hardware worlds meeting in your PC. Not to open a can of worms, but I use my Layla3G in WDM mode in the console, not Purewave. Would I benefit from using it in Purewave mode?


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    Re: FUNSTER21..Larry....PM ME PLEASE

    With my situation, I was NOT able to use WDM ....If you go to your console, and hit the settings button, and then the advanced button, all you're in's and out's are set to WDM ???.....I changed ALL my in's and out's including the digital settings to Purewave and my machine started to work after re starting it ....Load some 24 bit samples, and see if they play OK ....If you see that you're having problems, change to Purewave ....It's a more direct setup if you look at the manual ... If WDM is working for you , leave it alone, but if you see a problem , switching to Purewave was a LIFE SAVOR for me ..Thanks for responding ...I appreciate it .....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: FUNSTER21..Larry....PM ME PLEASE

    If you can use it in WDM mode, I'd say go for it, as it's probably fair to say that your Echo card will expose more complete functionality for other Windows applications. The Echo website describes PureWave as a special mode for "bit accurate digital I/O." Presumably this means audio without any helpful bloat added by Windows. I should think Mr. Fairhurst would know more about this sort of topic.
    Some experts learn more and more about less and less, until at last they know everything there is about nothing at all.

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    Re: FUNSTER21..Larry....PM ME PLEASE

    I should add here that when Martin and I were doing some troubleshooting, we found that in WDM mode the audio worked fine in other applications running thru the Gina 3G.... ...The meters worked, the mutes worked, and everything on the Echo Console worked fine...The onlything that DIDN"T work for me was Giga, and it was basically the midi end of Giga...Like I said in an ealier post, no midi to trigger the sound,and you have no sound !!.....Got up this morning and loaded and played quite a bit in Purewave, and not a problem at all ...Jim

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