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Topic: RMX Feature request

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    RMX Feature request

    hiya guys ,

    i have a minor request for RMX , when in multi mode whenever u change the patch it reverts the output to A .
    This is a total pain in the arse when u are trying to preview sounds as u have to keep goin back to the mixer page and switching the output to , say , B . eg. i have comressors and eq's for outs B - G set up for kicks , snare , percussion etc , and if i change the kick it always reverts to out A.

    besides that it is stunning , but u know that already eh

    warm regards


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    Re: RMX Feature request

    That's an easy one to grant...just turn off the settings button for that part in the Browser and you've got it :-)


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    Re: RMX Feature request

    brilliant , thanks Mr.P , now RMX is perfect


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    Re: RMX Feature request

    Umm not that it wasnt b4 , i just didnt know how to use it properly !!

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