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Topic: Big Band & Jazz: Jazz Clarinets ???

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    Big Band & Jazz: Jazz Clarinets ???

    I'm wondering if there will be jazz style clarinets in the upcoming big band & jazz library?

    I was just listening to "Stranger On The Shore" by Acker Bilk and that clarinet really sings. Wow! Such a beautiful tune, couldn't believe my ears, this guy is really amazing!

    I'm hoping they'll have a jazz clarinet that will have a vibrato articulation. The jazz library just wouldn't be complete without that good old jazz clarinet with vibrato. You should hear this tune, it's incredible. Lovely lush string section too.

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    Re: Big Band & Jazz: Jazz Clarinets ???

    No word yet on winds or strings included in the library. Maybe soon!

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    Re: Big Band & Jazz: Jazz Clarinets ???

    Come on, really. Artie Shaw, Glen Miller, bla bla bla bla bla .... What would "Big Band" be without clarinets? Got to be ... it's a given.

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