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Topic: AND THE WINNER IS ............

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    AND THE WINNER IS ............

    Alewis/ Andrew is the winner of the "Save Jim from total insanity" program...

    Not being sure whether or not "PUREWAVE" a program that is designed that is part of the Echo console , bypasses a lot of un-needed junk and will also allow for 24bit samples to be played using the Gina card....I had no idea that it also dealt with midi....On Andrew's recomendation, I switched all my in's and out's (audio ) to PUREWAVE ....They were originally set to WDM .... I don't know how PUREWAVE handles midi, but I do know that I have my keyboard working now, and I can reboot, and IT STILL WORKS !!....YEAHHHHHHH ...
    I still have to read up to see how to get the vibrato's and tremelo's working in a program....My sustain works, but nothing else ....I'll have to look into that..
    I'm thankful that I get sound out of this thing at this point ...WHEWWWW

    Thank you all for putting up with me....I can pretty frazzled at times, especially when I put LONG HOURS into trying to Debug this thing....You have no idea how much it means to have such a great bunch to bounce idea's off of...Again, you are a great bunch , and I do thank you all so much ....Andrew, I appologize for not listenning to you earlier...My loss !!....I used your idea as a last resort, when in fact it should have been a first resort ....My stupidity ..
    Thanks for the reminder post ...That's what did it ....I tried everything else except purewave....That was the winning answer to my dilema ....Thanks again.....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: AND THE WINNER IS ............

    Hi Jim,

    Just remember, it's always the last solution attempted that fixes the problem. It's rarely the first.

    Great to read about your success!

    Regarding pitch bend and tremolo, it depends on the instrument loaded. Some program those features. Many, such as percussion and piano, do not.

    There are three ways to figure out what works.

    1) Load up some instruments and see what happens. Sometimes the name gives a hint. ("violin_mod-exp" would likely use the mod wheel for expression)

    2) Read the documentation for the sample lib. Unfortunately, many developers aren't exactly technical writers, or

    3) Open the instrument in the editor. But that might really fry your brain! Take a couple of weeks in the Bahamas before digging too deeply. Dave Govett created a video tour of the editor for GS2.5. If he ever creates one for GS3, it would be the easiest way to overcome editor apprehension syndrome!

    One way you can test your MIDI controller is to set one of the faders to CC11 (Expression) and move it while playing. It should control the volume, and it works with all instruments.

    Enjoy the sounds!


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    Re: AND THE WINNER IS ............

    Thanks for the reply, and also for your help ....It's much appreciated ...I openned a violin and saw that there was a vibrato, and other settings, but my mod wheel didn't do anything on the Kurzweil....I guess I have to do some more reading to see how to set things up ....Right now I'm THRILLED to be able to play the piano WITH a sustain pedal that WORKS !!....WOWWWW !!!
    and this is the LE piano I'm talking about !!.....After what I've been through with this thing, ANYTHING would sound good !!....Thanks again....Sincerely, JIm

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    Re: AND THE WINNER IS ............

    Some experts learn more and more about less and less, until at last they know everything there is about nothing at all.

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