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Topic: CC24 Question

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    CC24 Question

    Very new to GPO, but reading the "CC1 and CC24 in GPO" thread raises a question. I can't find in the documentation or tutorials any reference to a brightness control. What does CC24 control? Is this a feature of GPO or MIDI in General? I looked at the controls for every instrument in the book and don't see brightness listed. What's up?

    Slightly different topic; is there a chart that shows the controls and which control channel they are assigned to? Seems like it would help me at least untill I do it enough to get them memorized. For instance if I want to assign a control to VAR1, I could look at the chart and see which CC controls it.
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    Re: CC24 Question

    With the updated version of GPO installed along with the 'X-Custom' instrument library, then CC# 24 controls brightness. You will only need CC# 24 (brightness control) when using the X-Custom instruments and even then it isn't really necessary to be concerned about it. However, I will add that it does afford the user another level of control and is particularly nice when using the piano, you know, to brighten things up a notch.

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    Re: CC24 Question

    As far as the chart goes, there's one I have on my hard drive as well as the PDF Tom posted a while ago (check the GPO update thread for a link to it). I can post something tonight. Make sure and check the PDF file for information about the update, though, if you haven't already.

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    Re: CC24 Question

    Joseph, Thanks for the information. I think I'll load the X-Custom instruments. I would be very interested in brightness controls. The description on the download page led me to decide not to install, at least at first. How many X-Custom instruments are there? Will I be able to use both normal and X-Custom instruments after I install the patch?
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    Re: CC24 Question

    Yes, the X-Custom Library is a supplement for folks that have other types of midi controllers. It allows the user to specify with which controller to control volume/timbre changes instead of the mod wheel. Because of this a new controller was needed, the brightness controller (CC# 24). Installing the X-Custom library will not affect the use of the library as you know it, but will expand your possibilities.

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    Re: CC24 Question

    I downloaded the X-Custom patchand there is a PDF for the player update in it that has a chart of the MIDI controllers in it. I think I've looked at the document before, but didn't realize how usefull it was. It seems to go into detail on the MIDI controllers for each instrument. Thanks so much for your help Joesph. Now I just need to learn how to make it all work together.
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