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Topic: voices dropping out! what the...

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    voices dropping out! what the...

    i just purchased GPO , and was at first impressed by it all.
    now then , however, im getting more and more frustrated with a certain problem

    i keep getting random vice drop outs from my projects, and i really cant understand why?
    i have been using cubase sx 1 for years now, and never ever encountered this problem until the Gpo was installed, and it is also only with Gpo i have this problem.

    I have a P4 2,6 , 512 ram(yeah i know, but i got this rd type memory, and i cant find anyone who still sells it! aarrghh,)a echo mia card, running cubase sx 1.

    now , it seems in certain passages, notes more or less drop out, and is not affected by processor settings, and various things i've tried. even when reducing the instruments, down to the offending trakcs, the drop out still persist, even with say..just 50 mb or sounds loaded, and the processor at just 5 %! i've checked the midi files for any strange CC`s, but theres nothing strange there. and even when rendering down, it still cuts out the same notes every time, more or less. but sometimes, in solo it may play properly, but even in solo it will usually drop out! i don't understand, there must be a really strange underlying problem here?

    im not using DFD extension, but i dunno.
    this really makes the whole GPO useless, as it just wont let me do certain parts of a song, really. no matter what.

    the only thing i can think of , is bouncing down each track, before working on the next, wich is horrible , horrible.!

    anyone know of this or similar probs?
    please let me know, i would be very happy to get some solution.

    and i've tried pretty much everything, it just doesn't make any sense for me!


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    Re: voices dropping out! what the...

    Is this happening with solo instruments? This could be your problem. If you have a flute passage with notes overlapping or very close together (in a fast passage) then the notes will cut off if you don't have the sustain pedal applied for legato. Almost all solo woodwinds and brass instruments in GPO (excluding the ensemble and overlay patches) are monophonic and require that you use the sustain pedal when playing legato and overlapping notes or you will have notes dropping out since you will be going over your voice allocation for those instruments. If you do not wish to do that, the other solution is to raise the voice limit for these instruments so that this doesn't happen.

    I hope this helps. This is one thing to consider.

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    Re: voices dropping out! what the...

    It sounds like you need to raise the latency up on your soundcard. Click on the File Menu and select Setup. Then go to the Soundcard tab and change the latency there.

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    Re: voices dropping out! what the...

    If the modulation control drops momentarily to zero for the affected channel during your 'drop outs' (you can watch the mod wheel on the Kontakt Player) then you could have this problem:

    which is also discussed here:
    and here

    Unfortunately, there is no 'solution' I am aware of yet.

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    Re: voices dropping out! what the...

    well thanx , but its not as easy im afraid.
    it has nothing to do woth latency or my processor in general.

    i was able to localize the problem to ....controller data!
    if i remove the controllers, then its all fine, but when i add modulation etc, voices strart dropping out! so kontakt cant handle basic controllers? what is that all about?

    hmm, and it only applies to kontakt\Gpo, if i send the offending track to another synth , then its fine.....

    starting to get very annoyed now.......

    so anyone having this problem?


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    Re: voices dropping out! what the...

    See my post above, and read those threads. I think you will find they describe what you are talking about.

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    Re: voices dropping out! what the...

    I wonder if its voices dropping out or just becoming inaudible. This happened to me a lot with the version of Cubase included with GPO. My solution thus far has been to use another host (not really a solution, I know.)

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    Lightbulb Re: voices dropping out! what the...

    There have been a lot of discussions here and on the Steinberg Cubase SX forum about 'control thinning'. Sometimes, apparently, recording a voice with a very fine granularity can result in bazillions of "control events" in one or more voices. This seems to happen more when you have your quantization set to fractional notes (like 1/32 with lengths of 1/128). I've had to manually go into the MIDI control window and "thin" out extraneous events to get rid of "popping" and other signs of cpu strain.

    Anyone else have similar circumstances in Cubase SX and want to chime in? (For me it's a continuing mystery that I just hope to continue dodging because it's a real pain when it hits!)

    my $0.02 ... KevinKauai

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    Re: voices dropping out! what the...

    Check to see that you are not exceeding the playing range of the instrument that is dropping out. For instance, if you program a note lower than the natural range of the flute, that note won't play and will "drop out" during the sequencing of your music.


    Larry Alexander

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