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Topic: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

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    newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try


    well, I am not a musician, only a computer science student without any musical education, nearly a pure newbie to music - i could play keyboard only with one hand, cannot read notes and previously only did some minor things over the last years with a small GM-Keyboard and recently some new dsp-soundcards i bought (learning something about synths and effects on that way).

    And especially I know nearly nothing about classical music - i don't even had listen to it much - but exactly thats the reason I post my first piece. For sure it is terrible in the ears of all the Pros, but then... thats a good starting point to improve (Oh, and since GPO i want to learn, and learn and learn... )

    I worked only one day on it, third day after i receive GPO (it took me two days to make it run stable on my computer in combination with logic 4.8 and my various dsp-soundcards and to build an instrument-set that fit into 512MB Ram)

    well, i like the idea of GPO as an Orchestra for everyone very much! So it is for me also For the nearly complete musical rookie! If I can make music with it, everybody can There are no longer any excuses!

    So what can I say about this first try to make something 'orchestral' sounding? First, I could not use very much velocity-differences because my Keyboard has no modwheel and no feet-pedals - and additionally logic has a strange bug to reset mod-values permanently to zero. Second, I started only with a small brass melody line, then putting some instruments to it and see where i get from that point on... so there are lots of repetitions which could easily be avoided by shifting some Notes in the melody (but I haven't done this). Third, some friends whom I showed it, said, it has not enough bass-sound and the brass sounds a little bit synthetic. Well, i don't know much about mixing either, so I used an EQ to fix volume of some instruments, which I thought one could not hear in the mix... maybe overdoing it... thats why the brass sounds strange?

    Okay enough... listen, and tell me what i made completly wrong... and what I could do better without ten years of musical studies
    Ah, but because at the moment, i sadly cannot use GPO, so maybe its ok to include something I have to study a lot of time for...

    here is the link to the mp3-File:

    Oh, and some really beginner-question... How does a violin-player controls volume? With the bow-pressure? Can he change Volume in a single note like brass players with different air-pressure? Or like a piano, only once for every Note played (key-velocity)? I ask, because it is easy to draw a modulation-event-curve crossing lots of notes in Logic but can a real violin-player do that, too - or must I even draw a modulation curve in each note, modelling fast/slow attack, decay, release?

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    Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    This is very good, and if this is your first try, you'll go far with it. I think we can all safely say you are a musician after listening to this piece, so enough self-deprication!

    I am reminded of the more innocent sounding parts of Jerry Goldmith's "legend" score.

    To answer your question, string volume changes by speed, pressure, position on the strings (fingerboard or bridge)and also depending on the area of the bow that is used. But a good string player can make any volume with any technique. Force (combination of speed and pressure) is the main thing that determines the volume.

    When you write your parts for strings, you can go up and down in volume like brass, and think of it as blowing if you wish.

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    Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    Nice job. Welcome!
    For the brass sounds, you might want to have some other instruments in octaves or unison.
    This site: Vienna Symphonic Library gives good instrument combinations to try.
    For instance (and I quote):

    Trumpet + oboe
    The oboe tempers the metallic side of the trumpet’s sound. Especially in tutti passages the trumpet can be used for octave doubling with the high woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet).

    Woodwinds often play an octave above the trumpet. Balanced dynamic levels when trumpets and woodwinds play forte.

    Trumpet + clarinet

    In unison, trumpets and clarinets produce a clearer, brighter sound than any other combination; for octave combinations the piccolo clarinet is best suited.

    Trumpet + bass clarinet, bassoon

    The combination with bass clarinet and bassoons is used to produce a massive sound.

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    Thumbs up Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    well, I am not a musician, only a computer science student without any musical education, nearly a pure newbie to music
    You must have some musical bones in you because this was quite impressive for a person new to music composition! You are on your way just keep on learning and playing. The door has opened!

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    Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    Really good, particularly for a first try. Hope you get your licensing issues resolved.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    Wow! Your first try?
    I'm a newbie too, although in a different way. I'm a serious player of music, but I'm not so great with composition and all that jazz.
    I'm a cellist and can assure you that stringed instruments can do anything you tell them to do. We can do any volume any time. And in case you were wondering: We change volume with many factors: bow pressure, bow speed, and bow placement.
    As for you composition, I found it very, well, good! I enjoyed it very much. And, if anything, I thought the brass sounded very unique and I liked it. I don't know much about mixing, but I think if you want it to sond more realalistic you should tone down the treble (I think). I really wouldn't know. I liked what you did with the piccolo and think that maybe you could have expanded on that a little more. Maybe since the brass had the main melody all along, you could give the woodwinds that melody while a trumpet or violin take that piccolo part. (An octave lower, of course!)
    That's the only suggestion I would make.
    Again, I'm a newbie too, so that's what I think from a rookie's point of view.
    You definently (me thinks that's how you spell it) have something going here and you have quite a talent.

    Good luck with future compositions!


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    Smile Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    Thank you all very, very much for your comments!!!

    Thank you, Jesse Hopkins,
    i would have never thought of myself, beeing a 'musician'!!! I am feeling like beeing anounced and honored as Knight by the queen of england
    ...and I am oh so much filled with energy to improve my skills, now, to learn more and more and more...

    Thank you very much for the link, squoze, what an wealth off information on that side, I will read as much as I can, and hope that I can soon experiment with the different instrument combinations!

    And thank you, cptexas, too, for the insights in string instruments. Good suggestions, also. I wish you also good luck and lots of successes in your work, too!

    Well, and it seems that, my license-issues will soon to be solved. Seems like your wish have worked well, trentpmcd! Thank you : )

    And Styx, I don't have any musicans in my family, my father only complains that I should not waste time making music, but better concentrate on my computer-science-studies he pays for... but anyway if you all think, that I a have even a little bit of talent, then I should not waste it, or?
    Indeed, the door is open... and what a big land is there to explore... I listend to some of the contest-pieces... wooaah what they do with GPO is amazing... thinking that everyone of us basically has these very same possibilities by owning GPO - leaves only one conclusion... learn, learn, try, learn, experience, and someday you could create such wonderfull pieces also... (well, that's for me, a lot of you are already there, i would guess)

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    Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    Maestro J.B.

    You're not a musician???!! You could have fooled me What an effort for your very first try. I enjoyed your work very much. Very catchy theme and you certainly have a knack for orchestral color.

    As you see, there are many helpful and fantastic people on the forum. I think you are going to like it here.

    I am really looking forward to hearing more music from you.
    Welcome to the GPO community.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    Geez. I knew I shouldn't have listened to these demos. If you are truly not a musician and you worked only three days on this...I quit. Seriously. Good to know you guys. Adios.

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    Re: newbie to music, rookie, beginner... my first try

    and you worked only three days on this...
    actualy only one day...

    Quote Originally Posted by rageangel
    Geez. I knew I shouldn't have listened to these demos. If you are truly not a musician I quit. Seriously. Good to know you guys. Adios.
    Please don't quit! I am really a newbie, but I haven't done anything complicated at all - simply put some notes onto another, while listening to it - using the Matrixeditor of Logic. That's not that difficult, or? Just configure GPO to have some nice instruments (I liked the brass very well ) on the right midi-tracks of GPO-Studio, play a little bit around on the keyboard to find a nice melody, put a chord under it (Okay - thats a very tricky part, I don't understand well - there are people here, who studies years of their life for it - I only choose the next best, I could play easily on keyboard and the one that sounds good - then split it for three tracks to use the ensemble-instruments horn1-2-3), and there you go. Oh, and I read a great tutorial about using horns as some pad-sound on Garritans GPO Website, and then putting that knowledge into action... and through listening to demos and from some small excercises I have done on my GM-Keyboard I know, that it sometimes sound nice and is very pronouncing, when you use the percussion at some points - and that it could provide some nice tension if you play bass notes deep a single note and then on the same time at 8/8th or 4/8th an octave higher... well, thats all knowledge I came up with until now... and here it is all shared, now - there is nothing more I could think of I have used... but feel free to ask any question you may come up with, I could then look at what I have done and tell you (if I understand what I have done )

    If I should have done this by pure thinking, using pencil&paper I would have never written a single note. So much of that kind of 'magic' in doing music, simply lies in GPO itself I think - It create great sounds, that sounds so nice together - you cannot do other, than put them on top of each other... so you are inspired and also have great fun trying around... its some kind of wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) only for the ear and not the eye - so can call it wyhiwyg (what you hear is what you get)

    But assuming you are joking... and only want to say that you liked it a little bit... Thank you very much!... I'm currently walking so high above clouds after reading all these friendly and nice words from you... I cannot even see the earth anymore, must be nearly andromeda by now , so please don't overdo it - I may never come back ta earth, ye know? Post some critique, too!!! I want to learn (...to do music, -not to fly away )

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