here is my concept to a Corporate Narative that is fair and just
these are my premise's

a- we live in a world where the corporate narative runs supreme, in other words all thought process's ultimately will have been influenced by the narative that we are told ensures our survival

b- most will accept this narrative for fear of isolation and because the system will not tolerate dissent and lets face it carrots are cool

c- more to the point all art will be subservient to this narrative including all film and sample related work , just to bring it into context Art and Politics will be in perfect corporate harmony and most artists will either consciously or unconsiously accept the narrative

Now the moment you all have been waiting for , since LIBERALS and all fair minded persons have accepted these rules we can now look at reality

People die because of a number of reasons but let us look at this realistically

people die because of

a- old age

b- fate bad luck fortune etc

c- because they are murdered or killed

d- war which is part of the corporate narrative

c- should be taken care by law

a-b there is nothing we can do about it

now d is the interesting one, at the moment there is no law and no accountablility and this brings me to my concept, if corporations can wage war and kill innocent people we as a society should be Fair and Liberal etc

we average how many people a year the corporate gurus have sentenced to death but with a new twist the victims are chosen before the event , so instead of defenseless third world people being the victims the abuse of corporate human life that we all enjoy will be shared

so for a start i say we at random choose 100,000 people from all class's ethnic groups to be sacrifical lambs for the corporate narrative since we all enjoy the fruits of this narrative or at least some of us do this only seems fair to me. So since we cant change the narrative at least we can make it fair.

How will this work simple if war is declared on Iran because of blah we will compensate the victims who have died for example bring family members of the deceased to the U.S.A and give there families the life we enjoy but with a twist the chosen sacrifical lambs have than to go to Iran to face their fate in iran , this scenario is difficult but there are others that are more controlable for example if the west exploits 3rd world pesants, we interchange victims so even movie stars get a chance to work in the conditions our life style create