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Topic: re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

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    re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    [re-posted from the end of another thread]:
    I'm just curious if anyone thinks having 3 separate versions of GPO as planned will detract at least psychologically from the original complete-orchestra-for-one-low-price concept of the original in prospective new purchasers' minds, ie. now (as with much other tiered-type software), users will have to evaluate whether they will be missing out by buying GPOLite, will get everything they need with GPO2, or should splurge and get GPOAdvanced. I know there's an obvious argument for more features and that Gary understandably couldn't add such features indefinitely for free (it is, after all, a business :-)) and I presume GPOLite is designed to offset the higher-priced offering by offering a correspondingly even lower-cost solution. But does anybody think that the three-tiered structure takes something away from the simplicity of the original concept?
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    Re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    Nah, I think it's still pretty simple, and now offers more people options to be involved how they want to be. I know some people who were very interested in GPO, but only to mess around with a bit, or to use one or two instruments as additional accompaniment for rock songs or whatever. I think GPOLite will be ideal for them. And then there's probably some people for whom GPO didn't seem quite "professional" enough (or maybe not quite expensive enough?) for them to give it a chance compared to things like the Vienna libraries. I don't know... But I'm sure we'll see many more GPO superheros joining our ranks in the near future, precisely because of these additional offerings.
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    Re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    Also, I believe some will purchase GPO Lite with the plan to upgrade to a better version once they decide how they like it, understand how it works and get the additional funds.
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    Re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    From what I understood, GPOlite is targeted for the Educational market.

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    Re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    And they're all upgradable, no matter which one you start with. GPO Lite is a smaller GPO centric package, upgradeable to GPO 2 the regular edition, upgradeable to GPO Advanced with more instruments, articulations, and extras. Everyone wins in my mind.

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    Re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    Has there been any upgrade path established? Will current GPO users get a break on Advanced or the Strad violins?

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    Re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    Gary has said that current users will be able to upgrade to Advanced.

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    Re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    What is considered the Advanced Version? I did the upgrade this past October. Is this considered the advanced version?

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    Re: GPO three-tiered pricing concept

    No, that's GPO 2.

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