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Topic: relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

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    relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

    The Solo Strad sounds like a remarkable innovation and begs the question (apologies if this has already been answered): Are there any plans to integrate this technology into GPO's solo string instruments (including tje same controller functionality?) It certainly would be nice to have this sort of expressive control from within the GPO library itself (perhaps for at least GPOAdvanced?)
    - robjohn

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    Re: relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

    I'm not sure if it will be a part of GPO, but according to Garritan's website:

    "The Garritan Stradivari Violin is the first instrument based on this innovative technology. Garritan Orchestral Libraries has exclusive use of this groundbreaking technology and other libraries to follow will be a string quartet and eventually the rest of the orchestra."

    So at least we know there will be future instruments for sure . . . which just makes me tingle
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    With anything so remarkable, it takes time to integrate it into the already existing product(s). I can say this about future plans to incorporate it into GPO, why not?

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    Re: relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

    The Solo Strad is a whole new line of products. This product has full blown articulations that are triggered depending on how you play and use the controllers. It uses many velocity layers with sonic morphing between the layers for each of the articulations.

    GPO is just the opposite. For most instruments it has a minimum of articulations and velocity layers but is very deep in programming techniques.

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    Re: relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

    > "but is very deep in programming techniques."

    I'd say that the Solo Strad is even deeper in programming techniques.

    But what about the platform? Will the Solo Strad be integrated into Kontakt 2, or will it run in its own engine? I'm guessing the latter. I'm also curious about whether it will be a VST, standalone or some other interface to the rest of our goodies.

    Theoretically, this new method is the ultimate for solo sustained instruments. It's all those details that determine how practical it is.

    From what I saw on the video, I'm optimistic. What could be more practical than being able to play with that much realism in real time?


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    Re: relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

    The real trick to me is, will there be different individual intruments in a given class, ala GPO's ensembles?? Talk about a REAL personal orchestra... I'd like to have at least four or five more violins to make a section (perhaps then layered with a group sample...) But that would be a major undertaking, and probably have to be put off in order to give priority to getting the other instruments represented. Maybe some type of external processing will help to make the Strad into some "different" violins. They wouldn't have to sound too different. Heck, then I'll need a whole server farm to run it all on

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    Re: relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

    Speaking of having several different SoloStrads or equivalents, will we be able to sequence several instances of the SoloStrad in one piece? How much horsepower will this baby take, anyway?
    - robjohn

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    Re: relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

    Actually, what I could envision someday is a virtual section. For the violins, say, the Solo Strad is the "section leader". You perform the part on this instrument. Then, intelligent software "maps" the part out to 4 to 12 (however many you specify) other distinct virtual players, making musically compatible yet seperate and mildly different performances from them automatically. You possibly give a few of them divisi notes if applicable, tweak things you don't like and voila! Done.

    Repeat for each section and there's your orchestra!!

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    Question Re: relationship between SoloStrad and GPO?

    I would like to ask Garry if the solo library will be hosted in the GPO studio.
    I know it's GPO studio and not just a "studio" for everything but it should be nice to have the possibility to work with all the Garritan products in the same hosting program. I use GPO studio so much ..

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